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Obviously my suggestion met with dissaproval :D lol Theres a big hole in this thread where i used to have a suggestion for you Spence ;)


i would like to see the vulcans withdrawn from the nsw cup and a semi-pro npc comp set up with the vulcans, an auckland provincal team( or split akld into 3 sides south auckland, west/central auckland, north harbour/northland) waikato, bay of plenty, taranki, wellington, canterbury.

we need to stop thinking australia is the answer an grow the game in nz an offer players living in nz a reason to play the game and stay in the country.

i know that crowd of 500-1000 are possible and i heard the canterbury verses auckland game in christchurch drew a crowd of about 2000 the other year. get games/highlights replayed on maori tv/sky sports not live as it stop people attending the match. have local club game as curtain raiser to further boost the crowds. make provinces draw up a budget, revenue can be sourced from sponsors/city and regional councils/gate takings each province would have to market and promote thier home games. all teams could have a minimum $50 a game training allowance an $100 per player win bonus.

id also like to see the national club championship back again they brought it back in 2007 and i went to the game to see wanui beat papkura in front of a decent crowd of about 2000 people. this was an end of season institution back in the day and how people like gary freeman, tana umage etc 1st got to heard of by league follower from other parts of the country.

that about it except to say that if a country like france with less league player than nz can have a semi pro local comp why cant we? league is only popular in a few small towns and cities in the south of france an they have 10,000 registered players at best... if they can have a semi pro comp we should be able to get our act together an prganize onre of our own

They had a semi-pro comp, it was called Bartercard and people just weren't going to watch the games.

Auckland still has a semi-pro comp called the Fox Memorial and some players get paid a lot more than $100 a win, in fact I know a few clubs that pay some players up to $600 a win. Not sure what the rest of the country's regions pay their top players but it's nothing like that.

The difference is that Auckland Rugby League have cash whereas the NZRL don't but they'd be paying to get any national comp off the ground. The ARL will take $1 million a year from the Carlaw Park land leased to a retirement village which is only half the land there I think. The Mt Albert Lions are rumoured to have $2 million in the bank, the NZRL are in more debt than that probably.

The Bartercard NPC is a step in the right direction but if Vulcans players were sent back to this comp, then Auckland would need to be split into the regions proposed by the SPARC report to give the other regions a chance. Even a split to Auckland North/Central/West and Auckland South/East would do. The Vulcans boys played in the Auckland vs Canterbury final last year and tore the South Islanders apart but Canterbury had beaten Auckland in pool play when the Vulcans were busy with NSW cup games.

The reality though is that the Vulcans is the only thing keeping those top players in NZ and it also serves to give match fitness for the Warriors players who don't make the 1st grade squad. As we've seen in the past by the amount of 1 game Warriors, the step up from Bartercard to NRL is too much for the majority of players.

kiwi's 13-6_old

vulcans should stay in nsw cup short term. we need a plan to get a domestic comp up an runing. we are the world champs and one of the biggest league nations in the world. our domestic scene has dropped. in the late 80's an 90's it was good and players got signed directly from nz to the uk and nrl and crowd sizes were were better.

batercard was nation wide but involved teams in akld no one really knew, with stupid names, no marketing and promotion and called francises? in other provinces teams often werent seen as the provinces rep team but a francise and local league clubs wouldnt play curtain rasiers before them viewing them as competition but the provincial side were still better suppourted than akld bater cup sides.

a season long npc properly run with player starting and finishing the year with the local clubs for the local finals and national club comp i believe are the way to go
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