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This year yet?
History suggests that at least 2 and probably 3 teams that made the top 8 in 2018 won't be there in 2019. There was a decent gap between the top 8 and the rest in 2018 so let's be conservative and say only 2 teams drop out - I struggle to see how that could include the Roosters, Storm, Rabbits or Broncos. Panthers a small chance although they've been a constant in the 8 for a few years now and the recent off field turmoil doesn't really impact their first grade side. Sharks possibly at risk of missing out with the loss of Lewis, Graham for much of the season, Ramien ,Holmes, coach Flanagan and salary cap dramas offset by Shaun Johnson and an aging Josh Morris. Then there is the Dragons and Warriors who I think are most likely of the 2018 top 8 to miss. In saying that, talk of us getting the spoon is surely crazy - our defence won't allow us to get close to that.

Titans to be big improvers.

Out of last years 8 looking at who could drop out;
Roosters- Can’t see them missing the 8, it’s tough to get up for a premiership 2 years in a row and their ins are as good as their outs.
Storm- Slater is a big out and Smith is another year older, possibility to drop out but the production line they have in Melbourne makes anything more than a small slide unlikely.
Rabbitohs- Looked a bit rusty and I’ll disciplined in the charity shield, couple of off field dramas with players won’t help. Their hopes lay on whether they get St George Bennett or Newcastle Bennett
Sharks- Do their dramas overcome them or galvanise them? Lost a couple of big boys and have new combinations that need to click, could see them sliding and just missing.
Panthers- Again dramas and potentially more to come, still some strife with Cleary and they’ve lost a couple of handy players, could see them dropping out.
Dragons- Despite the De Balin drama they’re still pretty solid, likely bottom end of the 8 but could drop out.
Broncos- young team and I think Siebold could be good to inject something new in them, usually there or there abouts.
Warriors- really could go either way, first 6 or so rounds will give a good read- we have a relatively ‘easy’ start so win and the confidence comes, more losses and we are doomed.
We will win our first 3 games... Bulldogs, Tigers, Manly... then let’s watch them dig someone else a hole with the wooden spoon
I reckon Bulldogs will be a tough game, they'll go better than what people expect. Despite being a big critic of Foran I reckon he'll start the season ok. They have a strong forward pack even without Klemmer and some solid outside backs.


History suggests that at least 2 and probably 3 teams that made the top 8 in 2018 won't be there in 2019.
I agree with you about the Dragons, also I think the Sharks have to be top candidates with their off field problems. They have lost a very important coach. Also I think Cleary has his hands full at the Panthers. A club full of talent but the monkeys are running the zoo.

Something caught my attention on NRL 360 when they were explaining how Seibold got Broncos the job over Bennett and Walters. Bennett quoted his coaching history, which I think is self explanatory, Walters mentioned his passion for the club, which is undoubted, but Seibold produced a very impressive set of statistical analysis.

Now admittedly Seibold was DallyM coach, but the Rabbbits only finished 2 points ahead of the Warriors ladies and jellybeans.;)...but more importantly for me as an historian the last All Black coach who got his job in that manner was...John Mitchell:rolleyes:...just saying like.

My money is firmly on the Warriors for the top eight.:D
It should come as no surprise the Aussie "experts" have us getting the spoon. We don't get a lick of coverage over here, and none of them have a single clue about anything at the club so who cares.

Majority of them have such low RL IQ it's laughable. They just sit in a big circle jerk, and regurgitate what the next bloke says. Bunch of dense c**** that can't think for themselves.

Guess we'll find out next Saturday how spoonish we are.

It bemuses me that they feel we could drop so far do quickly.

You are right, they know nothing about the club. If we didn't pick up a spoon during the Bluey - Cappy years, we sure as hell won't be picking it up this year



In no particular order. Such a tight comp but I believe the winner will come from the top 4 listed. Everyone else is playing to just play finals footy with them.
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Not willing to hazard a top 8 guess but after 1 round who does everyone rate as the real threats? I for one rate the Bennet Souths combo, the old fella has all the ingredients there already.
Roosters will be thereabouts, ditto Storm (top 6) and my smokeys are the Raiders and Knights
And you had the gore to have a go at me for my lack of league knowledge haha
I don't believe it was your lack of league knowledge that I had a go at. It was more your infatuation with Shaun Johnson's privates that I found strange. I guess if that's the sort of thing you're into then good for you!

Oh and by the way, I think the word you were looking for was gall, not gore.
im thinking 3rd or 4th finish for the Warriors

this is a continuation of what was started last season

you hear alot on radio sport and social media saying what a great start , lets keep it up. We stated this late 2017 ! when we bought the best trainer out there and a GM who gave a shit. Then we continued it with 5 wins on the trot at the start and finishing one game off top spot. Yeah we lost 2 players, but still kept some bloody good ones.

This season should be no surprise to anyone who has seen the Warriors progress over the last 18 months.
yep don't know why they're all in love with the Raiders. They do there normal, shit themselves in the last quarter of there games. Ricky overrated as a coach

Yes, they lost a bit of size. But Paulo was an underachiever. I think they have a more balanced team than last year and the players seem to believe it. I see it in their play.

You have to factor in the home ground record. Even on their worst seasons they are not easy at home. They always get a roll on. I think their slight overall improvement it's enough to win at least 90% of their home games.

Wighton at 6 will improve their attack a little, providing pace in an area they haven't had it since Campese. Rapana, Leilua, Croker, Cotric and Simonsson will be a lot of heat to take on.

I pick them to battle Knights for 8th.



This should make all people who complained about Sowards ranking happy. Too bad it's from a journalist who has been ridiculed lately on the site getting basic stuff about the Warriors wrong.

Seriously he's on drugs. The way he is doing power rankings there's going to be massive jumps in those rankings after every round. Noob doesn't know the concept of power rankings. Look forward to him rating every winning team in the round in his top 8.
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