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Sea Eagles
Raiders (just so we can see what it looks like when Sticky blows a vain on his forehead)
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  1. Roosters - Money Talks
  2. Panthers - Mobile 4wds and good halves
  3. Warriors - Solid fit pack and good depth. Backs will surprise many with Roger Tuivasa-Sheck leading the charge (top 4 year coming our way yeeah boi!)
  4. Broncos - Up there as well. Might be a bit low key here. Could switch with pamfers
  5. Sharks - Will compete well once halves combos start firing. Decent 4wds too.
  6. Rabbitohs - Will be up there but lack depth
  7. Titans - Smokey
  8. Raiders - Smokey
  9. Knights - Smokey
  10. Storm - will head down the ladder for a couple of seasons before dynasty is back to normal
  11. Tigers - will surprise many but lack consistancy
  12. Dragons - will also lack consistancy
  13. Bulldogs - Spoon fight between 13 - 16...
  14. Eels
  15. Sea Turkeys
  16. Cowboys
1st -Brown paper baggers to go back to back, signing Chricton shows the power of the old industrial strength sandwich bag old Uncle Nick uses to get who he wants.
2nd - Storm, right them off at your peril, they always find a way and usually have the man with the whistle on their skippers back pocket. Pretty sure all 3 Sutton boys are on the Storms payroll, as noted by trial game in Geelong weekend before last!
3rd - Warriors, look for once to all be playing from the same playbook, culture, fitness, professionalism on the move. 1 more last season would of seen a far more creditable season. Other sides have a lot of changes, Shaun Johnson will be missed but only against the sides out of the top 8.
4th - Panther. Big start to season from Jimmy before he fades back of the season dreaming of his big pay day in the old dart. Lack of depth after losing Peachey, CHN will take it's toll come finals time.
5th - Souths, decent squad, Bennett will lift them toward a late season move up the ladder, injuries and lack of depth will bring them undone come September.
6th - Broncos, Uncle Wayne gets bragging rights, JUST over Anthony SeeBomb. Lacking old heads in the forwards costs them dearly in big games, messrs Thaiday and McGuire are big losses. Friday night Broncos games sees them scrap to 6th on F & A.
7th - Raiders, return to the finals for Ricky's men after a huge impact from their new and existing Pommy imports sees them storm the 8 in the closing month. Alas, an early exit in week 1 beckons, as the Raiders choke as per usual script come September, pre Green Machine era of Daley, Clyde, Mullins, Nadruku, Box Walters, this never happened.
8th - Sharks scrape in after a tough season off the field. Fifita and the fact Gallen plays his final season, sees the Sharks scrape in on F & A against bitter rivals St Merge. Week 1 is a quick kill and the end of year trip to Vegas continues more off field drama's.

9th - St Merge, the DeBelin saga takes it's toll and a few big loses costs them 8th spot on F & A.
10th - Tigers, punch above their weight, fade late and miss the 8 by a win. Maguire turns them around and provides more consistency.
11th - Titans, lack of defensive backs again costs them. Close but no cigar, away record costs them a spot in the 8.
12th - Cowboys, start the season well but injuries to Morgan and Jason T cost them a run toward the 8.
13th - Eels, show fight and cause some boilovers but lack a pack to go toe to toe with the big sides.
14th - Knights, Brown gets the chop, Mitchell Pearce is sacked and the season is derailed before origin starts. Klemmer clashes with Gavet and the coach on more than 1 occasion.
15th - Bulldogs, bright start but Foran goes down before May and is forced into early retirement.
16th - Manly, ding dong the witch is dead, 1st spoon for the despised silvertails. Des almost gets fired in season 1 but the players save his skin even after rumblings of discontent with his preference to have Marty T and Addin Fonua-Blake play 1st and 2nd receivers on tackles 4 and 5 when the Eagles are inside opponents red zones.

P.S. if 14.75% is accurate I'll eat my own jocks.
Minor Premiership:
1: Storm - Even without Drinkwater, they'll find a way. They usually do.
2: Roosters - That NRL GF win will make them hungry as hell to go back-to-back. Just because it hasn't happened since the Broncos in '92 and '93 doesn't mean it can't.
3: Broncos - Always liked Seibold and he'll want to prove that there's more to the Broncos than Wayne Bennett. IIRC, the Broncos never made the finals when Bennett wasn't there?
4: Panthers - Weird sex videos notwithstanding, they'll be on the up this year. Always liked Ivan and Nathan (can we make Auckland look like the Blue Mountains?) and think they'll surprise a few folk.
5: Warriors - Believe this second year with Mr Corvo will really start to show results - not expecting a 5-0 start, but frankly, that doesn't impress me as much as a 5-0 end to the regular season would (I think Corvo and co are slowly but surely building a team that peaks at this point). Gives good momentum into the finals.
6: Rabbitohs - Always been a bit of a Rabbitohs fan so not sure why I'm ranking them 6. Just don't think Mr W Bennett is going to have a great 2019.
7: Sharks - With a new coach, a new halfback/five eighth (however Shaun Johnson plays and whatever number is on his jersey) I think 2019 will be successful enough for the folks in Sharkville, just not good enough to get past Week 1 of Finals Footy.
8: Raiders/Titans - Would like the Raiders because they were the team I supported before the Warriors/Would like the Titans because they have a Kiwi coach.

GF winner/chicken dinner: Broncos/Roosters with Broncos winning. Of course, my money's going on a certain team who play at Mount Smart Stadium but it'd be wrong of me to tell you folk to risk your financial future on 'em...:)
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This year yet?
Just saw NRL is considering a ‘Wildcard Weekend’. Under the proposal teams 1-6 automatically qualify for finals after the regular season and have a week off while teams 7-10 play a sudden death to qualify.
7 would play 10, 8 would play 9 and the winners would then progress to the top 8.
Just saw NRL is considering a ‘Wildcard Weekend’. Under the proposal teams 1-6 automatically qualify for finals after the regular season and have a week off while teams 7-10 play a sudden death to qualify.
7 would play 10, 8 would play 9 and the winners would then progress to the top 8.
Not a single ‘expert’ thinks the Warriors will make the top 8 this season. Will be all the more sweeter to shove it up them!!!

I just read that article - what a load of shit. How do the knights feature so prominently in their predictions? I bet theyre gonna be just as shit as last season. Ah well, guess i shouldnt be too surprised though - those so called experts dont have an original idea between the lot of them. 😑

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