1st Grade Fringe
Apr 2, 2018
I think Tohu Harris will be a good Captain. The question is will he be a successful Captain. Simon Mannering was a good 'follow me' leader. The trouble is often times the team did not follow.

Tohu Harris has a team that has across the park players who take responsibility and care about performance and results, not just those who are touted as possible Captains. Walsh, despite his youth, is one, as are DWZ and Montoya, players who provide a lead for the likes of Berry, Pompey, Vailea and Ratuva.

Then you have Aitken, Egan, Addin Fonua-Blake and Lodge. A Captain needs to take his team forward, to do that he needs able lieutenants, Tohu Harris has that now.
He's smart enough to know that too...
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