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18 MARCH, 2016


Todd Greenberg has been appointed CEO of the National Rugby League.

Chairman John Grant said: "Our local and international search identified a number of highly credentialed individuals from both within and outside the game who would have offered a lot to rugby league.

“But at the end of the day, Todd ticks all the boxes to be the new CEO.

“While we've known all along that he is an outstanding sports administrator with a deep understanding and love of the game, his experience as the former CEO of the Bulldogs and Head of Football for the NRL, together with his professional values and credibility with our stakeholders, proved to the Commission that he was the man for the job", he added.

Mr Greenberg said it was a privilege to be given the opportunity to lead the NRL but he understood the responsibilities which came with the role.

“My goal will be to unite the game at every level because, working together, there is no limit to the potential for Rugby League which can continue to thrive and grow,” he said.

“I have a genuine love of this game and I intend to continue to use my experience to build on the steps we have taken over the last two and a half years. We intend to deliver the best possible outcomes for fans, the clubs, the State leagues and the players.”

Mr Greenberg said he wanted to thank all those who had supported him, particularly Chairman John Grant and the Commission, and his team at Rugby League Central.

“I also want to personally thank Dr George Peponis and Ray Dib who provided me with the opportunity to work at the highest level at the Bulldogs".

Further information: Glenn Jackson, NRL
M: 0402 048 868

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Have to love the way it was reported that he beat other leading contender Jim Doyle, Raylene Castle..... From all accounts everyone would have been happy with Doyle but from everything we heard from the man himself he didn't want to leave his unfinished job at the Warriors or NZ. He didn't really beat those leading contenders if they didn't apply for the role.
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Hopefully he is the right man for the job and we have someone in the role long term. A lot of the major sports codes around the world the top guy is in the role for a long time.

We have had since the NRL was formed in 1998. Neil Whittaker (98-99), David Moffett (99-2002), David Gallop (2002-2012), David Smith (2012-2015). It would be interesting to see how many changes in the head position or whatever it is called against other major sporting organisations.

Also why do we keep hiring David's'?o_O

Gallop was in the role for 10 years but he couldn't do much for various reasons; mainly a lack of funding.

Greenberg is coming into the role with a lot more money coming into the game and a better ownership model. Let's just hope there are no more dodgy things from his time at the Bulldogs for the Sydney media to try and nail him on the way he handled them back then.

He will have a honeymoon period where the media, and the usual identities who kick up a fuss (Gould, Politis etc) will be happy that it is their man. The rough time starts once he starts making implementing major changes or turning down their requests.

If we get some stability we might be able to get things planned for the future like expansion, the season structure etc.
This is going to blow up in the ARL commission's face. Least we forgot some off the stuff Greennerg tried to cover up whilst at the Bulldogs. Oh well at least Jim Doyle that's all that really matters as a Warriors fan.


Greenberg is coming into the role with a lot more money coming into the game and a better ownership model. Let's just hope there are no more dodgy things from his time at the Bulldogs for the Sydney media to try and nail him on the way he handled them back then.

He will have a honeymoon period where the media, and the usual identities who kick up a fuss (Gould, Politis etc) will be happy that it is their man. The rough time starts once he starts making implementing major changes or turning down their requests.
Politis won't bring that up until he needs to. He might never even have to make it public, just the threat will be enough, but looking at his face after the meeting over Pearce affair I hope Greenberg is ready.
Sydney media will be licking their chops.

The dogs will come in for more scrutiny in terms of the perception of bias.

Looking forward to seeing how Greenberg reacts to Bulldog related issues in future.

Next time one of theirs gets knocked senseless and they get fined for breaches of the head injury protocols.....Greenberg will come under pressure to comment as head of the Game
He was interviewed on Triple M this morning, he said he doesn't support any team now, will be interesting to see if he's true to it. You'd think not
He was interviewed on Triple M this morning, he said he doesn't support any team now, will be interesting to see if he's true to it. You'd think not

To be fair, it'd be hard enough supporting a team as the CEO. When you have input on recruitment, hiring, firing etc - neutrality and impartiality would be welcomed!


Such as???
Transfer rorting. I cannot find it on Wiki, probably cleaned off, but apparently he was at a restaurant with a player and a player agent where a rort was discussed. He later claimed "I heard nothing";). I reckon the real reason it took so long to find a candidate is because of things like that.
Todd Greenberg steps down as NRL CEO

20 Apr 2020, 06:21 PM

Todd Greenberg has stepped down from his position as NRL CEO, effective immediately, after four years in charge of the game.

Greenberg announced his departure in a statement issued by the NRL on Monday afternoon which said it was a mutual agreement made with the Australian Rugby League Commission.

Monday is his final day in the job with the NRL's chief commercial officer, Andrew Abdo, taking over as acting CEO.

ARL Commission chairman Peter V'landys thanked Greenberg for his contribution to the game.

"The role of chief executive of the NRL is one of the most challenging and difficult roles in Australian sport, with a diversity of passionate stakeholders," V'landys said in a statement.

"The ARLC thanks Todd for his contribution to the game over the last seven years and as chief executive for the last four years."

Despite the variety of challenges and pressures I have loved every single minute of the journey.
Todd Greenberg

Greenberg was appointed CEO of the NRL after a five-year stint in charge of Canterbury until 2013.

He played a part in the game's historic collective bargaining and broadcast agreement in 2017.

"It has been my great honour and privilege to be the CEO of the NRL for the last four years," Greenberg said.

"Despite the variety of challenges and pressures I have loved every single minute of the journey.

"Our growth over the last four years has been extraordinary and I am very proud of my contribution to the game.

"I am indebted to the game for the variety of opportunities and experiences that have been provided to my family and I, and we leave with many great memories and lifelong friendships.

"My sincere thanks to all the stakeholders across the game, particularly the fans who are the lifeblood of rugby league. Their unwavering passion for the game is wonderful.

"I remain in awe of the players' skill and bravery to play this game week in and week out and I thank all of them, both past and present for their friendship and support.

"My thanks also to the staff and Executive team at the NRL. It has been an absolute honour to lead this team of talented, resilient and hard-working professionals."

Brisbane Broncos CEO Paul White paid tribute to Greenberg in a statement on Monday evening.

"Todd had already established himself as a highly capable sporting administrator when I came into the CEO role at the Broncos almost a decade ago," White said.

"Todd performed strongly as CEO of the Bulldogs before moving into the role of Head of Football Operations at the NRL where he led some significant change and innovation.

"In his tenure as NRL CEO, he has overseen another period of significant change and it has also been necessary to deal with some significant challenges our game has faced. Todd has always maintained a drive and a passion for improving the way our game was viewed by the Australian community.

"The role of CEO of the NRL is tough and at times uncompromising and no doubt takes both a professional and personal toll. In tough times, Todd has always conducted himself with both dignity and composure when under pressure.

"The Broncos organisation thank Todd for his contribution to the game and we wish him and his family all the best in the future."
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Rugby league: Shocked Warriors boss Cameron George responds to Todd Greenberg's resignation - and how it will impact their NRL return plan

Warriors chief executive Cameron George was shocked by the timing of NRL boss Todd Greenberg's departure but doesn't believe it will delay the club's attempts to rejoin the competition.

Greenberg resigned last night, with chief commercial officer Andrew Abdo becoming interim chief executive and ARL Commission chairman Peter V'landys expected to have an even more prominent role.

George said he would be on the phone today working out who he now deals with.

The NRL is planning for a May 28 restart but the Warriors' position is complicated by border restrictions during the virus crisis.

"There's been a lot of rumour and innuendo in recent days and weeks which is not good for anyone," George told NZME.

"But I didn't see it (Greenberg's resignation) coming this soon. We worked really well with Todd, he was always supportive. He had a very difficult job."

With the resignation news still fresh, George wasn't sure how it would change anything.

"We were heavily in discussion with the NRL and particularly Todd over the last few days. I'll make a few phone calls and find the right person to talk, to pick up the pieces and move on. I'm not sure who I am going to ring.

"It is a very critical time for us. There is no time to waste. We need to know - players are making pretty big decisions."

George also described V'landys as an "exceptional leader".

The Warriors have an application before the Australian government and border security seeking access into the country.

They're also seeking answers and solutions to issues such as where the team would be based, players' pay and family access.

When asked if he thought Greenberg's departure would cause any delays on those issues, George said: "I wouldn't have thought so. This is a very critical phase in getting the competition back running. There were other voices (than Greenberg's) already involved."

The NRL is due to hold more talks with broadcasters today, and tomorrow meets the NSW government about a safe return to playing action.

Its being reported the last straw with Greenberg was his lack of direction towards the Warriors in answering concerns they had and lack of info on dates etc for us to get over there to be out of quarantine ready for kick off. With our PM stating that the Warriors didn't need NZ government approval to head over to Aussie, that was probably his last excuse he could have used to deflect the handling from himself.
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His status was pretty tenuous before the covid-19 drama. The start of the competition, the fight to keep it going then get it going again probably delayed things. But also meant he could of survived if he showed good leadership through it.

Mind you the financial state and the amount of money to run the head office wouldn't of helped. Then add the broadcasters being upset.

A bit weary of who everyone hypes up as Greenberg was their guy. Probably shows whoever they get the Sydney media will whine as they can't have lunch with the top guy to air their gripes. Same with certain clubs.
Warriors phone hook up that led to Todd Greenberg ‘jumping before he was pushed’

  • April 21, 2020 7:30am
  • by Staff writers
  • Source: FOX SPORTS

Todd Greenberg chose to resign before he was sacked according to Paul Kent.

Paul Kent has lifted the lid on the lack of faith Peter V’landys had in Todd Greenberg to fulfil his role, which led to him jumping before he was pushed.

Greenberg resigned from his post as NRL CEO on Monday and Kent sighted Greenberg’s failure to instil confidence that he could get the game through the coronavirus pandemic.

Kenty drops bombs on Todd

“The commission had lost all confidence in Todd to do the job,” Kent said on Fox League Live.

“He jumped before he was pushed. He was on the way out. Todd was days away I believe from being sacked at the start of the season.

“Then the coronavirus pandemic hit and he got a stay of execution.

“What pressed the urgent button in the last week was Peter V’landys was sick of being blindsided by failures at NRL headquarters.”

V’landys berated Greenberg on the phone hook up.

Kent sighted Greenberg’s lack of action in answering the simple requests of the Warriors as the final straw.

“The Warriors had continually asked the NRL for details around them moving to Australia,” Kent said.

“When they would get there. How they would get there and there was talk their families were going to come.

“The NRL failed to respond to Warriors CEO Cameron George and the concerns that the club had.!

“The Warriors are vital to forming a 16 team competition and here they are asking legitimate questions and not even getting a response.”

The issue came to a head on a phone hook up last week where V’landys took aim at Greenberg over his failure to respond to the Warriors.

“There was a phone hook up with Peter V’landys, Todd Greenberg and Cameron George where all this came to light to Peter V’landys,” Kent said.

“In the phone hook up V’landys lambasted Greenberg and said Todd why haven’t you done this? Why haven’t you sorted it out.

“There were a lot of things like that where clubs who had long ago lost faith. You only have to read numerous quotes from club CEO’s in the past few weeks where they haven’t been getting sufficient answers or any answers in some cases.

“They have been going over Greenberg’s head straight to V’landys who has been fixing the problem for them.

“I think V’landys was hoping to get through this pandemic without having to do this, but essentially no real work was being done in there.

“He was forced to pull the trigger and it has been portrayed as Todd resigning, but let’s be honest he jumped before he was pushed.”
Yea like we fucking matter. Just a smokescreen for running a bloated front office and blowing all the broadcast money on shit that they cant account for and not planning for the future.
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Greenberg had his faults but there are more people to blame than one guy. Ikin had some good points last night, the ARLC should of been signing things off.

Meninga looks to be one of the few people in the NRL that talk sense.

Have to laugh at the clubs upset there is no rainy day fund. The NRL and ARLC said there wouldn't be any funds to bail out clubs in the future. Ok this situation is different but if they take more money there will be less.

Should get some of the squeaky wheels from the clubs and sit them down in a room with a cookie jar. Instruct them to eat the cookies. When they knock on the door asking for more cookies. Tell them piss off no more cookies the tins empty.


Warriors Orange Peeler
Good riddance. The guy was clearly incompetent. The game went backwards over all key indicators under his watch. It was pretty universal from all forums that the game had lost a huge part of its charm. While that may be hearsay the viewing numbers, attendances and memberships dont lie.

TBH he should never have been given the job in the first place and was only given the gig after the NRLs preferred option of Jim Doyle didnt want it.

I really do pray that Gus Gould doesn't get it either. We dont need a job for the boys appointment. We need a solid CEO who can run this like the business it is. Why appoint someone who led the call for clubs to get more money back when the last broadcasting deal was signed???