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Warriors Orange Peeler
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That's what I was talking about when I said Blair if officiated differently here and that Mongrel type player everyone keeps asking for would get the same treatment. To say your off because you were forceful and couldn't pull out of a tackle is the worst thing I've see
I mean you compare it to Sam Burgees hit on Ponga a few weeks back and even tho he ended up getting suspended, it was play on at the time and didn’t even get placed on report! Warriors reffed different all right
Great performance season reset we are really building towards something now! Looks like a real wake up call etc etc
Wouldn't get excited , titans had 2 make shift 2nd rowers and had ingame injuries to peachey and jai arrow not to mention they already have a shit squad.
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SK's 'long game' tactics pay off big style! Last tackle give the ball to Blake Green for an ineffectual, unthreatening kick, set after set week after week. Then, when every team knows whats coming, he runs the ball for the six pointer that set up the win. Looking forward to seeing it again in week in about round 22.
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