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System reboot, see you all in '23.
Titans were woeful, but some good performances from our squad. Looks like kearney has altered the process and allowed some 2nd phase. Lisone/Vete/Bunty ran with vigor, have some of that every week thanks. Shaun Johnson with some decent kicks. Sheck actually sniffing round the ruck. Maumalo another solid performance. Fusitua quality as usual.
Correct me if im wrong .. but is that the first time this year that we have produced more than 10 offloads in a game
We've only gotten over ten offloads three times this year - and they've been in our last three games (12 against the Broncos, 11 against the Eels and then 12 today).

Take those three games out and we've only averaged 5.5 offloads each game.
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