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Hi guys and gals,

We have a brand new tipping competition for the NRL Finals Series. Make sure you join in, and if you are having trouble, follow the instructions as shown in this thread.

Our good friends at will be sponsoring the site till the end of the season. They will be awarding the two best tippers over the finals series the choice of a NZ Warriors New Era Snapback Cap, or a choice of a non NRL New Era Snapback cap. Winner will get first choice, with the runner up getting the other. If multiple people end up with same correct tips at the conclusion of the comp, a tie breaker (guess correct score of gf will be played), with closest being winner.

Capstar is Australia's leading website for sporting Caps. Show them some love, and like their facebook page, or check out their website. They are also on the site, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact Ask nicely, and they might even offer you guys some discount ;) We hope to bring you many more partnerships such as this where the members of the community benefit, so help support our sponsors, and in return more offers and prizes will be coming soon.

Any issues with tipping, contact me tajhay tajhay or oman oman.

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Ok guys, this is the final week of the Tipping competition. You guys are all the only ones still with a chance of winning the competition.

This is how the final will work. Tip as you usually do with the winner of the grand final. Also in this thread post the grand final score. Note you do not need to indicate the team you think that will win.

At the conclusion of the grand final, the top two placegetters will be contacted, and the winner give the choice of a NZ Warriors Snapback Cap Valued at AUD$45, or a non NRL New Era Cap of their choice from the website. The runner up will get the prize the winner didnt choose.

The margin rules will work in this order until we have two winners.
1) Two leading tippers from the leaderboard.
2) If tippers tied, then the margins of their picks will come into play. Closest margin wins.
3) If still no result, closest score to winners score wins.
4) If still no result, closest score to losers score wins.

If still no result, ill just keep it :)

Please post the scores in this thread or pm me if you so wish.
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