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Porn star who first exposed abuse claims against Ron Jeremy has spoken to many alleged victims

The porn star who helped expose a raft of sexual assault allegations against adult entertainer Ron Jeremy has revealed more than 50 other women have come forward claiming to be alleged victims of the 67-year-old.

On Tuesday, Jeremy was charged with raping three women and sexually assaulting a fourth, Los Angeles County prosecutors revealed.

The counts make 67-year-old Jeremy the third man to be charged, along with Harvey Weinstein and producer David Guillod, by a task force formed by District Attorney Jackie Lacey in 2017 to investigate sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry.

Ginger Banks, the woman behind exposing Jeremy and his alleged expliots, says she feels "vindicated" following his arrest, saying many more women fell victim to the star.

In 2017, Banks first released a video containing the allegations of multiple women against the veteran porn star.

Banks herself claims she was groped by Jeremy at an awards evening in 2016 before other women came forward with similar allegations against the veteran porn star.

The stories are all the same," she told The Sun.

"People would go up to him and be really excited because they were getting to meet Ron Jeremy and asked to take a picture."

It is claimed Jeremy violated women with his finger while having their photos taken with him.

He is also alleged to have put his mouth on their chest, and in some cases "penetrate them" on set.

"The groping is a very, very similar story. It honestly seems to me that if you met Ron Jeremy and he didn't inappropriately touch you, you're almost in the minority."

Banks says more than 100 people have contacted her about Jeremy and more than 50 people have come forward with "legitimate first-hand accounts".

Banks wasn't the first one to speak out over Jeremy. In 2016 cam girl Miss Lollipop went public after tweeting her alleged experience with the now 67-year-old adult star.

Miss Lollipop – who also uses the name Lacey on Twitter – alleged Jeremy digitally penetrated her without consent.

The tweet read: "Not my 1st, but at my 1st adult con, posing for a photo w ron jeremy – he slips his finger under my panties" and inserted it inside her.

She told the Sun "This is no secret. We have been shouting about him since 2016."

She said at the time, Jeremy's response was to admit he's a groper and blame it on his job.

Lacey also revealed how a friend was penetrated by Jeremy while on set performing a solo scene, saying she had not consented to Jeremy's advances.

He then videoed the incident, to which the woman asked "are you filming this?".

The caption on the video reads: "Persistence wears down resistance".

It has since been sent to prosecutors.

Dozens of women have taken to social media with allegations of abuse against Jeremy, although he has always denied all allegations of rape.

One woman posted a shocking photo of herself looking outraged as Jeremy put his hand under her top to feel her breasts.

She wrote: "Ron Jeremy assaults people. I know this because he has also grossly groped me when I asked for a photo. Literally."

She added: "That's not a f***ing staged photo.

"I wanted a cute selfie with him and he then put his hand in my shirt because he wanted to 'See if I had cute nipples'."

Jeremy, whose real name is Ron Jeremy Hyatt, was investigated by the Hollywood task force after it was formed in the wake of a wave of sexual misconduct allegations that began in late 2017 with media reports about Weinstein that launched the #MeToo era.

The task force has investigated more than 20 men, but Jeremy is just the third to be charged.


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It won't happen, the women earn more than the men, pretty hard to claim rape when they can show a pay cheque.

An interesting little legal discrepancy, in many US states prostitution is illegal but making porn isn't, so if the act is filmed it isn't prostitution but adult entertainment.
ApOlogies for the pun given the subject matter, but it was a tongue in cheek comment