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Its on right now, channel 1.
God I love Jonah.
Hes deadset my hero.
Kinda makes me sad, knowing he wont ever play for the All Blacks again, but atleast he tried!!
Ahh one of my childhood memories, is Jonah and that game against England in the World Cup semi finals. Lol Michael Catt.
Im so proud of Mr Jonah. <3. Oh and his car is a beast too!


what a f**king joke......what a surprise a unionest
Are you serious?
This is JONAH LOMU. He is a living legend, whether you like union or despise it! lol.
He is a superstar all around the world, where people don't even know what Union is!!
Man, i'd love to meet him!


He's a dick that was born bigger than most other people, big deal.

Why didn't they do it on someone that has made a difference to peoples lives like Fred Hollows or Douglas Myers....people that have actually achieved something other than being born bigger than most.


So playing with a buggered KIDNEY, and nearly dying, then making a comeback isnt great?
If this was a league player, would you be thinking differently?
He was actually a rugby league playing kid tbh. He had a very hard childhood, his father used to beat him. And what, just cos hes massive, does that make him a dick?

It astounds me how you have reached this opinion :\


Yeah he was a rugby league prop in his younger days, doesn't change my opinion that he doesn't deserve to have this honor.

So playing about third grade rugby union after a kidney transplant makes him special? So the guy that i played against in auckland senior cricket that lost an arm in a motor bike accident recovered to tge point where he could play top level club cricket in Auckland deserves a this is your life as well?

Actually what about Tawera Nikau, he deserves it more.

Or the old bloke that was badly burned in ww2 as a pilot that recovered and continued to fly (his name ecsapes me)

So this over grown thug Lomu deserves it more than Fred Hollows who has restored sight to thousands of people that would have been perminently blind?

Give me a break!


That's a bit mean NU, I can fully understand where you are coming from. He has been (prior to all the problems that arose later) one of the biggest high profile people in the NZ back in the day. Respect. I'm not a huge fan now a days for him obviously but still...hmmm


While I may not be quite as vocal about it, I find myself agreeing with NU. I mean, in all honesty what has Jonah done? There are kiwis the length of the country who have to deal with issues just as serious as his kidney problems and go on to do so without any news or fanfare.

I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories, but does anyone else find it odd they would trot this out as we start building up to the World Cup later this year? Particularly when, when most people think of Jonah, they think of "that incident" with Mike Catt from the prior Cup?


I'm not sure if Lomu deserves to be called a 'dick' just for making a name for himself in international rugby, NU. Love or hate union you can't really deny that he is one of NZ's most well known sporting icons.

There probably are a bunch of other Kiwis more 'deserving' of being honoured, but as we all know, TV is about ratings and his career makes for a tear-jerker of a story which the public will lap up - especially those rah-rah fans.
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I'm with MarkW on this one. I just think it's a bit of a slap in Jonah's face, to be honest, especially when he's only in his mid-30s and has publicly stated that he wants to play first class rugby again. It seems odd to do that to him.

I agree that there are more deserving individuals, but without the celebrity status, few will get recognised. I agree that Tawera would be a great person to do an episode on.