General The Warriors 2020 Predictions

What position will The Warriors finish in for the 2020 regular season?

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No surprises here, but Fox leagje pundits (never heard of most of them) are all picking the Warriors to come 15th or 16th...

They are picking the Eels to be top 4 with Andrew Johns moving into a coaching role at the Eels.. thats the same guy who came and coached Shaun Johnson and fucked up his game for 2 years

Prediction: Eels bottom 8 because their halves turn to shit under Johns
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Looks like its either Warriors or Titans for wooden spoon according to picks although i don't think it will be the Titans, i reckon they will go better than last year as will the Bulldogs. I would pick the Dragons as a contender for the spoon this year - we could be just ahead although someone picked us for 9th? Wahoo.
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There are 4 teams which I think could get the spoon this year - Warriors, Titans, Tigers and Bulldogs. Panthers or Dragons outside chances.

I'm picking either the Titans, Bulldogs or Tigers will get it. Don't think we will finish last.
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Right in the feels...



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