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Thought some of you might find this interesting. Some facts about the website.

We come in peace
We have around 1000 visitors to the site a day. Majority of these are non registered members.

Here for a good time, not a long time
Average pages visited (per visit) are around 8, totaling an average of just over 14 minutes at a time

Please be nice to the newbies
15% of visitors each day are people who have never been to the site before.

Bloody Aucklanders!
Visitors from Auckland (45%), Sydney (12%), and Brisbane (9%) make up 2/3 of the total visits. People from Perth and Timaru(sorry Kaizen) take the longest to digest the information as they spend the longest time on here per session (30 minutes +). Its interesting to see the warriors have a lot of support from all over Australia, and NZ, and the rest of the world.

Apple Vrs Google fanbois
Of the mobile device visitors, 75% use an Apple product.

Browser Wars
Unfortunately IE(34%) is the most used browser to view the site. Chrome(22%) and Firefox(20%) 3rd (Site is optimised for latest version of IE, or any versions of chrome/firefox)

Horny Googlers
Most weird(league related) term used to find this site was "Erin Molan Nude" and "Erin Molan Sexy" (Ewww)

But we dont even care about State of..
Around 400 Googlers have come across to this site whilst searching for 2013 State of Origin Dates

Speed Racer
This site is now atleast twice as fast as it was when it first launched. We switched servers a couple of months ago. This performance was needed as we try to add more features for the next season.

Like Us?
This site has 330 registered members, 474 Facebook Likes and 127 Twitter Followers.
If you haven't already, like us on facebook, or follow us on twitter. If you are a guest reading this, JOIN US!

As always, if you have any feedback, or want new features or options, let us know.