General The latest issue of Super League mag is...


...absolutely huge! It came out almost a month late so as to include all of the Warriors' finals series action, and has 56 pages of rugby league reading pleasure.

Check out some of the contents:
-A review of the Warriors season
-A look at the departure of Wiki, Koopu, and Swann
-The Warriors awards night
-The ARL awards night
-A look ahead to the World Cup
-Updates from around the regions
-Interviews with Stephen Kearney, Monty Betham, Russell Packer, Wairangi Koopu, and Simon Mannering
-Bernie Wood's inclusion as an NZRL immortal
-A book review of the new book from John Coffey and Bernie Wood: 100 Years of Maori Rugby League
-An update from the Warriors Womens' Network
-Articles from such noted people as Richard Becht (Warriors and NZRL media manager), Steve Kilgallon (Qantas Award winning journalist), Malcolm Boyle (former owner of the Warriors), Gordon Gibbons (Kiwis manager and football operations manager for the ARL), John Coffey (league historian), Frank Harold (NYC assistant coach), Ian MacKintosh (NZRL's 2007 referee of the year), and, of course, Peter Leitch QSM (the Mad Butcher)

There is so much great content in this magazine. Please, please, please show your support by purchasing a copy for only $5 from any Mad Butcher store, the Switched On Gardener, or various book and magazine stores. This is New Zealand's one and only homegrown league magazine, and copies need to be sold in order for it to be viable. Photographers and writers work for no money - they do it for the love of the game - so please get behind this and support the awesome efforts of those involved.

If you don't want to go down to a store to purchase a copy, you can email Robin Smith, the editor, at

Come on, guys, help out the Kiwi guy competing with the Aussies! :thumb:


Email Robin, Skins. He sends them to Oz and to the UK. It'd obviously be more than NZD$5 when postage is taken into account, but 2b2s will be able to confirm that it's worth it. :thumb:


weird. anyway just google for superleague magazine nz and it should be one of the first few results.