General The Fai Effect


Cool. Theres a subway stop right outside the stadium aye?

To be honest I don't know. When I went I went by coach and to a park which was about 5 or 10 mins walk away from the ground, can't say I noticed a Subway though. There'll only be 2 stands to go in to too, ones still being built and the other not sure why they don't use it guess they don't get enough fans in to bother opening it.


Actually, I've only heard Hart say anything about textbooks. I may be wrong but this is what I was thinking of...

However I may remember hearing Cleary saying something like that the day after the death when he was strugling to hold back the tears.

Yeah, it's the latter that I recall. When he and Price were being interviewed, (the one where Price cried after being asked how he was doing), Cleary said "There's no textbook for this"...or maybe he said rulebook. So it seems they both said it...and they're both right.