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Greetings all,

I'm sure a lot of you have watched every match of the U20s you possibly could have with the Warriors. What a great ride! At the start I couldn't believe how bad we were, but boy, what a brilliant turn around! Again, we are into the finals and looking seriously good. Could this be the team that brings home the Warriors first ever premiership?

Anyhow, every year there is a batch of players who are moving out of being available for next years U20s so clubs have to make some decisions on whether they retain them through their systems or have seen enough to not think they have a future. To the best of my knowledge, these are the guys who are affected this year:

Neccrom Areai'iti
Matt Robinson
Dan Palavi
Jerome Kutia
Beau King
Charlie Gubb
Ivan Penehe
Ryan Laurenson
Nafe Seluini
Thomas Ah Van
Shaun Johnson
Luke Laban
Elijah Taylor
Glen Fisiiahi
Mark Ioane
Bill Tupou

I've taken out Suiatonga Likiliki and Elijah Niko who are both off to other clubs.

As you can see, the list is extensive. Next year might not be as good for us in this grade as we'll blooding a lot of new talent, and a lot of key talent in Johnson, Seluini, Ioane and Fisiiahi are gone, so ensuring we keep the cream of the crop here is essential for long term development in the club. It is probably good in many ways that we didn't attract some of the bigger names we were rumoured to be after, as we have the talent here already I believe.

The question is, who do you think can and will make it here at the Warriors, and who would you be prepared to perhaps suggest can't make it here.

Magic Stick_old

Neccrom Areai'iti - Gone
Matt Robinson - Gone
Dan Palavi - Keeper
Jerome Kutia - Gone
Beau King - Gone
Charlie Gubb - Keeper
Ivan Penehe - Gone
Ryan Laurenson - Gone
Nafe Seluini - Keeper
Thomas Ah Van - Keeper
Shaun Johnson - Keeper
Luke Laban - LOL
Elijah Taylor - Gone
Glen Fisiiahi - Keeper
Mark Ioane - Keeper
Bill Tupou - Gone

Warriors rate Elijah Taylor...I hear he is a fitness freak. He doesnt do anything that makes me say wow this dude is talented.Dont know where his position is

Bill Tupou is talented. I cant see him being a threat to NRL defenses though which limits your attack. Tupou is much like Paddy Ah Van

Matt Robinson i see as a Dan O'Regan type good at this level. But will never make it at NRL level

Magic Stick_old

Beau King i thought might be worth sticking with...reminded be abit of Packer.
But apparently he a lazy trainer and slack on the diet... and doesnt really have the motor for 1st grade

Ivan Penehe - i dont know why they where so quick to upgrade his contract. he has slow feet. And wasnt impressed with his ability to set up his wing. He seems like he plays in slow motion.. Likiliki has it all over Penehe but he was let go


Neccrom Areai'iti - Yay
Matt Robinson - Nay
Dan Palavi - Nay
Jerome Kutia - Nay
Beau King - Nay
Charlie Gubb - Yay
Ivan Penehe - Nay
Ryan Laurenson - Nay
Nafe Seluini - Yay
Thomas Ah Van - Nay
Shaun Johnson - Yay
Luke Laban - Nay
Elijah Taylor - Yay
Glen Fisiiahi - Yay
Mark Ioane - Yay
Bill Tupou - Nay

I haven't seen all that many games though, so I can't comment too much. I think we should keep all the props we can, as you never know who is going to kick on. My theory is if a back doesn't completely rip up the NYC they don't have a chance in the NRL. I don't think Ah Van is all that amazing, to be honest. Definitely not as good as his brother, his defense is particularily bad.


I think we should keep all the props we can, as you never know who is going to kick on. My theory is if a back doesn't completely rip up the NYC they don't have a chance in the NRL.

I agree with this approach.

David Bragg_old

Some of these players would be good enough next year.
Others might be 2 or 3 seasons away from being capable enough but what happens to them in the meantime.Vulcans, Fox Memorial or off to Oz to try out for NSW or Queensland Cup teams.
Would love to see a proper reserve grade comp and we could keep most of them.

Neccrom Areai'iti- High work rate and makes consistently good ground and makes good tackles.Would keep him for the Vulcans and see how he goes
Matt Robinson-He has been much improved this year.Could be a handy first grader but would throw him in the Vulcans and see how he steps up.
Dan Palavi- I like his work rate and the aggression and speed he does things at and brings a bit of flair.
Jerome Kutia- Chan Ting and Seluini are ahead of him
Beau King- Seems to have been usurped by others
Charlie Gubb-Has improved heaps through the season.Would keep him for the Vulcans and see how he develops.
Ivan Penehe Has looked like he has the goods at times.
Ryan Laurenson-Has looked OK at times and has good ranginess about him but haven't seen enough of him.
Nafe Seluini-Definitely keep him.Still developing as a hooker and is a match winner
Thomas Ah Van- Haven't seen enough of him recently.
Shaun Johnson- Could step up now if Seymour was there to guide him
Luke Laban- MIA, AWOL,
Elijah Taylor- Seems to play the same solid style whatever position without excelling.I like him as a 13 or a 6 in the Anasta mould.A perfect squad member for his versatility.I expect him to be solid in first grade and throw in a magic pass or line break from time to time.
Glen Fisiiahi- He's staying and could step up now if needed.
Mark Ioane- Has been massive in this grade.Worth keeping at the club.Has performed as well as any previous Warriors Toyota Cup props
Bill Tupou- Useful in first grade.About the same as Paddy for me.


Neccrom Areai'iti - Makes a good, solid impact. To me, he's one of the ones we need to analyse in the Vulcans to see if he can make the step up. He's quite agile for a big guy and this is his up side.

Matt Robinson - I'm not sure we ever really saw the best of Matt Robinson. He was quite highly touted. Perhaps the step up in grade minimised his impact. For that reason, I don't think he can make the ultimate step up.

Dan Palavi - Interesting one. Earlier in the season I'd suggest Dan had little to offer. As the season wore on though he began to create havoc in behind the ruck. I'm not sure if this style can be replicated at the highest level.

Jerome Kutia - Didn't see enough of Jerome to comment, he played mainly earlier in the season and he wasn't particularly effective from what I saw.

Beau King - Big guy, but particularly immobile. I think he'd be cut up in the middle in defence at the top level, and his lack of leg drive could cost him momentum through the ruck. I wouldn't retain.

Charlie Gubb - Not sure he quite has the size to make it. Also, some of his defence where he basically tries to ankle tap instead of cover across could be found out at the next level. Certainly has a good ticker, but I just think he lacks the refinement to make it.

Ivan Penehe - Obviously the Warriors see something in him. He's a solid player with a bit of speed, but I kind of feel he falls into the Patrick Ah Van category - reasonable in a few facets without being outstanding in any.

Ryan Laurenson - Didn't make a big enough impact. Rangy but never really stood out.

Nafe Seluini - Definite keep.

Thomas Ah Van - I feel he's not any better than Patrick. Some have raved about him, but he is typical of some of our outside backs in that he can come up a lot ahead of the defensive line and leave gaps. At the NRL level I feel this would be found out. I don't think he'll make it.

Shaun Johnson - Definite keep. Needs to work hard on his defence. Organisation started to click as the season rolled on.

Luke Laban - Won't make it.

Elijah Taylor - Definite keep. When I watch players live, I look at their balance and agility. In the few games I've seen of Elijah at ground level, he has that. Cooper Vuna was an awesome runner of the ball to watch, the way he could feint with his head or hips and take a gap. Elijah when fully fit reminds me a bit of that. Plus, he will work hard defensively.

Glen Fisiiahi - Definite keep. Electric speed. Needs to bulk up a little, but outstanding prospect.

Mark Ioane - Definite keep. Brilliant build. Agile and powerful, and with a good motor.

Bill Tupou - Definite keep. I'm going more off his previous NYC seasons where he was extremely elusive, ran very good lines, and darted well out of dummy half when required.

From that list, I would retain Taylor, Fisiiahi, Johnson, Ioane, Tupou, Areai'iti and Seluini. I think there are three or four names in that list that can go onto first grade prominence, particularly Seluini, Fisiiahi, Johnson and Ioane. I'm keen to see how Areai'iti develops in a tougher grade. He's straight from mean street and like Ioane has very good balance and leg speed.

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