General Thai cave rescue.


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May 7, 2012
Dont know if anyone else was caught up following this incredible story but I was.

Cannot wait for the movie, the story is bigger than the average Hollywood invented drama.

So thrilled with the outcome.

After the Thai Navy Seal died I thought the kids were probably toast....but as it turned out...once he and his colleagues had made that first attempt to set up a safe escape route, the dive was made safe for all the subsequent missions.

Incredible testament to humanity the way people came from all over the world to risk their lives for a bunch of kids who were in the worst predicament Ive ever heard of.
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Sep 1, 2015
What I cannot get my head around is why anybody with half a brain...would go into flood prone caves in the middle...yes the middle not the start...of the Monsoon season in Thailand. Why I say that is because in April just before the Monsoon hits it can be pretty dry...actually very dry and taking a risk then might be understandable, but in the middle of the Monsoon it just doesn't make sense. The Monsoon rainfall in Thailand is very heavy, nothing like here at all. Like those Thai Navy seals who lost their mate said they hope the kids lead good lives.
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