General Storm vs Warriors (Rd 8) Postmatch Analysis and MoM


Dr Faggot
Mar 30, 2012
Even as a staunch Inu supporter, that was awful. Those unforced errors are unforgivable, match turning moments which turned a close game into a blowout.

I was encouraged by a lot of what we did though, the defence (despite the scoreline) was actually much better than what we've seen in previous weeks. For a large part of that game our forwards were all over them, Storm weren't going anywhere.

Godinet went better than I expected to be honest, didn't set the world on fire - good kick for a classy Tupou finish.

I think that score definitely flattered the Storm. We have 10 days off before hosting the Broncs, and if we turn up with that intensity (with Shaun Johnson back) at home I'd expect a win.

Despite no official MoM tally...

3 - ?Manu (through lack of any obvious candidate(s))
2 - Ben M
1 - Tupou

Tbh no standouts, 2nd half was disjointed..


U20's Player
Apr 17, 2012
The worst part about that game was the final score. The entire game we either looked equal, or the better team. To lose by 18 is terrible.
Inu needs to be dropped. Benry wasnt amazing. Ropati is shit. Man, we are thin on centres for sure.


Negative Nancy
Mar 30, 2012
we desperately need a classy centre. inu cant be picked again next week based on that one hand holding the ball drop...thats unforgiveable. dont care if thats his nature, it doesnt belong in first grade.

our wingers did well. matulino and packer did well. fail to see what tai is bringing us this year...he has lost his ooomph. we need some mongrel on the bench and dont have it. godinet was solid and am so glad he setup that try...he took the opportunity.


I still believe that Inu deserved his shot at a place in this team, but he has probably blown it for good.

Ropati was terrible in previous games when selected ahead of Inu, and Henry showed again tonight that he has guts and a work ethic, but is inexperienced and lacking in speed and skill... therefore it was important to get Inu a shot otherwise we were rewarding poorly performing players every week with continued selection, despite poor form.

He didn't take his chance, made some awful errors and is now gone.

Manu Vatuvei needs some congratulations on his best game in a long, long time. Good speed, power and defence, not to mention great hands.
Tupou is not on my list of favourite players but scored 2 good tries.

We got owned by the speed of the Melbourne backs and playing backrowers in the centres against slater/cronk is suicide.

Our front row was outstanding, however Lousi looks to have reverted to the Steven Hawking/Sir Douglas Bader school of footspeed.

Godinet, was solid and Maloney stepped up...

Similar score to Canberra but a totally different game... with the same result.

How much responsibility for this performance goes to Bluey?


Warriors Bench Player
Apr 25, 2012
Hello everyone, im just gutted at result. We played well for 65 mins. Positives though would have to be how we competed with still no where near our top lineup.

Dankokoro 2.0

1st Grade Fringe
Apr 11, 2012
Credit to Melbourne for their super slick backline.. Smith -> Cronk -> Slater .. just devastating. but still.. should never have had the field position to crash over. 2 BS ref calls and 2 Inu fuck ups cost us that game.. Inu.. F off.. that one handed shit is completely inexcusable.. isn't that the kind of fuck up you make in under 16's and then NEVER do again? apparently not.. INEXCUSABLE! he needs to be immediately dropped for - i don't give a shit who -.. he can re-enter the fray if we have 8-10 injuries in key positions.

a few other points..

Ben Henry was good i thought (in defense of him).. showed inexperience not putting Tupou away at the end of the first half, but otherwise good - set up tupou for first try and showed a good fend and general abillity in atttack for the first time i thought

Manu - i had a feeling he was due for a good game. Best display of the season.. error free (if you discount that BS call).. hopefully he takes that confidence in to broncos game.

Kevin Locke -looked dangerous before he was injured.. i reckon a different result if he didnt go off

anyway.. ghey loss

Dankokoro 2.0

1st Grade Fringe
Apr 11, 2012
Funnily enough that was our strongest game of the season, so we're only really a few kinks away from being genuine contenders imo.
and thats the thing.. for 60 minutes we were the better team against the competition benchmark at their home ground.. We need to see that game as it was and push on. We still have luck and lillyman coming back, we are still in this.. we just need to not go limp dick and lose to other teams that we should be beating


Warriors Bench Player
Melbourne played as bad as I've ever see them play, they were kindly asking us to win. Our halves were useless. Maloney did nothing good but nothing too bad either. However, Godinet was woeful. He's a midget, you can't put him into the defensive line, he was targeted all night and with great success, once the Storm stopped dropping the ball. Johnson is a shit defender but Godinet is a whole new level of shit. He's just too small and weak. Maybe at fullback you can get away with that physique, but not anywhere in the defensive line. After Mannering switched sides to babysit him, things looked a little better but you just can't hide him.


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 12, 2012
Inu should be dropped for that one mistake alone, just to send a message out to the rest of the team. I don't think he's the first player this year to drop a ball after catching it and without being touched but that was just some careless, ADHD shit. He probably done it a thousand times and got away with it but the greasy conditions today should've meant that the ball was held on to as tightly as possible going into contact anyway. His first error was obviously a strip but the same rule applies, if you're holding onto the ball tightly enough, attempted strips stick out like a sore thumb. He might survive another week thanks to injuries and the rest of his game was solid. It's worth noting that if he'd been left at centre, Chambers would've had to work a lot harder to score. His kick returns were generally good as well and he had the top metres for the game with 120.

Also on Inu, he appears to be the only Warriors player not wearing ASICS boots today. What's the go there, are the club so keen to get rid of him that they won't give free boots or is he just trying not to conform and piss off the boot sponser at the same time?

Apart from the unforced errors, the centres were both touched up for trys. Chambers trys were all soft, ghosting through slow back rowers and same goes for the try Henry let in against Neilson. With Melbournes speed, I really can't understand a four forward bench. The Fish should've been there at Taáis expense with Locke only just getting back this week. If we'd had a full compliment of players (bar Ropati) I'd have loved to see Godinet used as an interchange hooker as he's quicker off the mark than Friend, especially as Cameron Smith conceded that the ruck speed was the reason why the Warriors have been successfull against them in recent years.

Still, that was a good enough effort to beat all bar the top 4 teams currently, shame we've got the top two teams in successive weeks then.


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 12, 2012
Hey 22 Beast!

Inu trying to pull something out of nothing, if anyone in that line up was going to do it, most likely it would be Inu. Going into this match most of us would pick this as a loss and by a lot. Those gifted Storm trys in the first half sucked.

Pita played his hand in the game well. Didnt go 'hero' in the first half, just got use to the pace, serviced the players around him and let Maloney run the show. He got more active as the game went on. His dummy half plays as well as Browns just reminds me of how far off a attacking hooker the Warriors are. Pita would have been great coming off the bench for Friend.

Packer played a good game, and big Ben standing up. We would be in shit street if Ben went down, dude has a great work rate, the other forwards need to go with him.

Manu made up for his game from the last Warriors outing.

The boys arent there for the whole game and in the final stages of the game once again the opposition scores. This needs to be fixed. Its a game to the final whistle.

our bench needs to have more impact. We've had some really great and feared benches in the past . . . at the moment its been flat in the impact area especially in tonights game.

Now another long wait for the next Warriors game, this could be a blessing after the Storm game.



1st Grade Fringe
Apr 12, 2012
Inu should be dropped for that one mistake alone, just to send a message out to the rest of the team. I don't think he's the first player this year to drop a ball after catching it and without being touched but that was just some careless, ADHD shit.

Its the 'I look cool picking up the ball with one hand' but its really the lack of coaching and players not going through basic fundamentals. Like the Test, Kiwis in the Kangaroos 5m Johnson gets the ball, he draws and pass only his passing action is all wrong: hes passing left but his body goes right, the ball leaves his hands with no speed on it, it floats, kinda like a hospital pass, pass goes behind Mannering, Kangaroos ball. Its a break down of basic fundamentals. Players today are far to cocky, one handed trys use to be a big no no. The only excuse for Johnson I can come up with is that hes trying to come to a stop before passing, it looked like dog balls though.


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 18, 2012
Those Chambers tries which blew out the score was the result of Godinet defending at centre. With Inu playing Defence at fullback, somehow he got caught out wide. I dont blame him, it shouldnt be his job to be there and has probably hasnt done it much in the past.

Inu had that terrible drop, a very dodgey off load (which to be fair on him Tupou probably should have caught, but was dumb) and a strip which was ruled as a drop which resulted in tries. Other than that I thought he was ok. Its twice now we have had injuries and he has had to change his role in the team, which wouldnt be easy for him. TBH I would still give him a go at CENTRE before Ropati. Redemption could be sweet, spark some major determenation.

I dont think Henry was to bad, had a couple nice plays and got involved. There were a couple times where he should have done better, which highlights that he is not a centre. I would like Hurrell in there in his place, Henry to the bench and Taai to drop off.

I was really happy with our performance after 70, but Melbourne were very clinical. After a drop our a penalty, try. Our forwards were on top for 70% of the time also.


Apr 25, 2012
I actually thought Godinet went ok all things considered. It was poor organization that left him cold defending in the centres, and Melbourne were good enough to target him and that led to three tries.

Raurimu Massive

1st Grade Fringe
Apr 26, 2012
It's not often I'd come away from a 32-14 loss happy, but I did last night. Thanks to those brainfarts at the end of the game, we ended up with a scoreline that flattered Melbourne more than those figure-shaping panties flatter fat chicks. Such great performances from Big Ben and Don't-Call-Me-Fudge Packer it's not funny, and I have to give big wraps to a lot of others too - Benry had a really solid match with plenty of meterage, Tupou scored the kind of tries that many people reckon he can't, Friend and Taylor both coming up with over 40 tackles, Big Manu showed class too.

I think the Storm were made to look poor initially because we were rattling them at every opportunity, just a shame that the rejigged halves combo and reshuffled backline meant we didn't capitalise on the scoring opportunities - the fact that the Storm defend their line like demons can't be overlooked either. Another thing that can't be overlooked is turning down the two points for the penalty - would have put us just two points behind and given the ball back to us at a time when our forwards were eating metres like a fat kid with cake. To my way of thinking, taking the points on offer is an absolute no brainer, but in the modern game it doesn't seem to happen. Yes, we could have scored through Benry, but we didn't.

Such a shame that Inu can have a game where he plays out of position, tops the metre rate and does most things solid enough, only to come up with one of the worst mistakes I've seen. I know the guy's always going to have a casual approach to the game, but that was taking it to a ridiculous new low imo. Trying to hold the pill like that is just asking for trouble - even other players who hold it one-handed to let them pump the arms and run freely at least have the brains to curl their hand so the ball's tucked against the forearm. Why you'd hold it in your fingers on a night where the ground's a bit slick is totally beyond me. Although other factors contributed to the loss, that play was the match-losing action of the game, made worse by being followed up by a pointless offload that also lead to a Melbourne try.

Despite the loss and injuries, I feel we came away from the game in good shape. We've shown throughout this crap start to the season that we can perform all areas of the game well, it's just a matter of keeping out heads well enough to get that all together. I maintain my position that we rarely get beaten by other teams, but are incredibly good at defeating ourselves - when we remove that crap from our game then we beat anyone.
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Warriors Bench Player
The Storm's errors kept us in the game. Yeah our forwards were good and we were certainly in the wrestle up to our eyeballs, but the Storm never make this many mistakes. Dropped balls, forward passes, kicking out on the full, they had a shocker.


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 12, 2012
The Storm's errors kept us in the game. Yeah our forwards were good and we were certainly in the wrestle up to our eyeballs, but the Storm never make this many mistakes. Dropped balls, forward passes, kicking out on the full, they had a shocker.
We forced them into those errors though, cut down their time with the ball and pressured their kickers. I think we'll knock them over in 3 weeks time.

Mateo had nobody off his shoulder either, you could see him looking for someone to pass to, seeing nobody and taking the tackle.

This game restored a lot of my faith in the team as a whole, that wasn't the flaky Rabbitohs making us look good, the Storm are GF lockins and we put them to the sword for 70 minutes. We can only get better from here. The biggest worry is injuries now.


Sgt. Pepper
Mar 31, 2012
Auckland, New Zealand
I disagree that Storms errors kept us in the game, I think we kept ourselves in the game by forcing those errors - our defense was brilliant (apart from the soft tries that is...).

Also, I was stoked to see Packer have a solid game, it's been a while coming. Hopefully he can keep it up for the season, I've been disappointed with how his career has panned out so far. Also, speaking of Packer, is it just me or is his tackle counts way down this year? I'm sure last season he was regularly getting in the mid 30s.


Warriors Bench Player
The reason the Storm are so good is because they can't be pressured into making errors. Every team pressures the kickers and our good line speed may have been unusual for the Warriors but it's fairly common in the NRL. They had an off night, may have to do with us being their so-called bogey team, could have played on their minds a bit.

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