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Sorry but I gotta call the refs on that one. Ado Carr try should've been checked. We know it's a 5050 in the bunker.
Check what?. Linesman correctly had their flag down. If anything, the ref woulda called for video ref with a try call from onfield ref. Video reg could not have overturned that.
Seriously can't be made the boys tried there guts out tonight need to build of these and pick up some wins over the next few weeks
I feel encouraged,we are so close so close,can't tell me that signing rumours hasn't played with Kieron head he went missing a bit
We need to stop going for the two every fucking time, it takes away momentum and territory and here is yet another loss because of these retarded decisions!
I agree that first one we had them back peddling hard luke had the ball tap it an go yo brain dead fool. Much better to put them under pressure on their own line an try an sap some energy. Boys showed good effort but man we let them back in the game with tactics like that. Tactics that don't suit the warriors especially against a team like the storm who u know its just a matter of time before they negate your 2 points with a try. Proud of the team but sux we let teams beat us with our lack of footy smarts
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Thought Ayshford was immense in defence. Mannering stifled our attack when passed the ball a few times(please dont kill me, i know hes rightly revered). Cant we just have him doing the dirty work??? Maumalo's diving 'tackle' was pisspoor but made good effort to catch upto Cronk. Could have been the difference if he knew how to tackle.

Out next week - Maumalo, Sao (jack shit runs when he was onfield), and Roache(whats the point of even having a player who provides very little impact for 10 odd minutes if even given that much time).

Happy with effort, disappointed with result. Its nice to think that we matched it with the storm for much of the game, but they made a lot of uncharacteristic errors. They werent at their best. We werent either. Defence and the mental application during the game was a positive.

Happy for any club to offer Matulino 700k. Granted he was coming off a long stint on the sidelines. Been too long since good games from him. Take the money Ben!


Christchurch Born n bred white bait fed.
Good game we played for 70 mins.
Still we good look at how and where we are heading.
So close and yet so far ...And it wasn't a bloody try... his heel was on a couple of blades of grass coloured white .Great game edge of the seat stuff :)
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