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Who will win?

  • Warriors

    Votes: 16 27.6%
  • Melbourne 13+

    Votes: 42 72.4%

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50 points....dear god we suck
Can’t be worse than last week...

Payton... hold my beer........

50 bottles of beer on the wall 50 bottles of beer...
We are like a demented dog. You feel sorry for us. Wish we could actually be normal and competitive. But the only answer is a the bolt gun. This Storm team is out of form FFS. Titans Broncos, Titans, Sharks, Roosters all beat us by 30+ Time to go home
Yeah. Another great management fuck up: Kearney is the problem. Let's finish the ultra difficult season away from home by using the completely shocked assistant coach. Oh and piss off the players who liked him. Cameron George should get sacked. Dick head.

Agree. George is horrendous. SK was really bad in some areas, good in others, but overall just not a head coach. George has fucked up everything he's touched from go to whoa.
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