General Stewart pleads "Not Guilty" to Rape!


Gezz I did'nt realise he had sex with the Girl


Brett Stewart will plead not guilty to raping his teenage neighbour, a court heard today.

Stewart faces charges of sexual intercourse without consent and aggravated assault with an act of indecency.

His lawyer, Ian Byrne, told Manly Local Court today his client would plead not guilty to both charges.

The alleged victim, aged 17, claimed she had been smoking a cigarette outside her home about 8pm on March 6 when Stewart, 24, assaulted her.

The Sea Eagles fullback, who was to have been one of the faces of the NRL's advertising campaign this year, had been celebrating Manly's season launch at the Wharf Bar before the alleged attack.

Stewart is accused of having sexual intercourse with the girl without her consent, knowing she did not consent, and performing an act of indecency that involved forcing his tongue into her mouth, according to court documents.

The alleged victim was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital after neighbours called police, and Stewart was questioned by detectives and released without charge while DNA samples were collected.

He was charged with sexual assault four days later, before the DNA results were returned.

In addition, an AVO was taken out against him, which prevented him from returning to his apartment because of its proximity to the victim's.

Magistrate Margaret Quinn adjourned the matter to May 26 at Downing Centre Local Court.

She also extended the AVO for three months to July 7.

The NRL, which had to modify its advertising campaign at a cost of $1 million, fined Manly $100,000 over its boozy season opening and suspended Stewart for four games for drunken behaviour.

Stewart returns to the team this weekend to play against the Wests Tigers at Brookvale Oval.

Stewart wore a black suit and strode silently into a waiting car after leaving court, where he had not been required to speak. He declined to comment on the charges or his thoughts about this weekend's game.

The Sea Eagles have yet to win a match this season.

He is not a saviour: Hasler

Manly coach Des Hasler says Stewartis not the saviour for the winless NRL premiers as the star fullback prepares to play his first game of the 2009 season.

"He is not the saviour, there are 16 other players partaking in the game as well,'' said Hasler.

"We cannot excuse what we have done. We know what we have to do. We will turn it around.

"He is a fairly influential player, he was the top try scorer last year.

"He's one of the best fullbacks in the world, he's going to be a real advantage for us coming back.''

Hasler says there are several injury concerns ahead of Sunday's game with centres Steve Matai (shoulder) and Jamie Lyon (knee) in doubt as well as Michael Robertson and skipper Matt Orford both carrying niggling injuries.

Hasler will give all of his players until the end of the week to prove their fitness for the game


Stewart is accused of having sexual intercourse with the girl without her consent, knowing she did not consent, and performing an act of indecency that involved forcing his tongue into her mouth

I don't get it, I keep reading that she was smoking on the street, and then he assaulted her? Did this happen on the street too? Or did they make it inside?'d think having intercourse without consent would be indecent enough, forcing your tongue into someone's mouth sort of pale's in comparison.


There's even more weirdness from that piece alone. Don't tell the story's changed again. It was changed from the moment it came out to all the weeks following I've read so many different versions of what happened.

Magic Stick_old

He might of had time to get a condom on :)

Jokes aside.if he did it lock the prick up.if she is lying lock her up

You got to wonder about his state of mind playing this weekend thou,he seems a sissy anyway.


They won't do anything to lady I'm pretty sure because through the whole thing she's assumed as the victim and he's the villan.

But that doesn't matter it's in the hands of the main experts now so whatever come sof it will be the final result.

As I've said the story versions were a bit off. Some claim the neighbours heard the noise, another says her father found them, some say it happened in the driveway, another the elevator or stair well...etc...etc...very twsited tale.