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Warriors 1st Grader
Mar 7, 2015
I want to have my say on sk with the benefit of 2 years hindsight
Kearney ball was ahead of its time
The better teams now are focussing on keeping possession and set completion
Lower ranked teams like the warriors roll the dice early in a red zone raid and may only complete two or three tackles before trying a high risk play that often turns over possession.
The storm are happy to knock on your door for a complete set in the red zone knowing it will tire out the defence and that eventually exhaustion will set in.
With the 6 again rule really speeding up the game Kearney ball is what every team should play rather than throwing it around and playing footy.
He had to go though as we simply couldn’t recruit while he was here.
But you look at that team who he took to 8th in 2017
By memory it had Kata and fusitua and maumalo all leaking tries left right and centre yet due to johnson and Kearney ball we made the playoffs
History may remember Kearney more fondly than we felt about him at the time
Please. You're giving SK way too much credit.

It wasnt even his idea which is why he couldnt execute it properly.

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