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May 13, 2012
Anyone fellow it?? I put $5 on the kings at the start of the play offs at $20. Makes me wish i betted $5 every week. GO THE LA KINGS!! Hope they can do it. :).
Jun 26, 2012

if we cant win the game we'll win the fight

really thought they'd go all the way this year after belting those bums from pittsburgh...but then they lost the next series to the devils....the nrl refs should approach fighting in games like the nhl refs,if 2 players want to to tear it up the refs should let em tear it up some,just make sure it's a one on one,it ends as soon as one player hits the ground and they both get 5minutes for fighting
Jun 26, 2012
well Footballs underway it was opening weekend couple weeks back so The hockeys just around that corner..please no lockout guys please no lockout

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