Internationals Spoilers and Match Talk: New Zealand v Australia


On the positive side (yeah well you have to be), Steve Price and Simon Mannering were probably the best players in each team. Mannering and Asostasi were the only kiwis who could hold their heads up after the game while Steve Matai should hang his head in shame after that brutal high and late hit on Mark Gasnier. The halves were abysmal. One more positive was the winning performance of the junior kiwis (24-22) - the curtain raiser certainly eclipsed the main feature as a spectacle and gives us hope for the future. Sonny Fai had a blinder; getting away around the defence offloads out wide.


Joe 90_old

Is it too late to take the JK halves Paea and Foran on tour instead of the current ones? They rock!

Also Mr Cleary, please find a spot for Fai!


:( didn't get to see the Junior Kiwis and Kangaroos...that game would have been worth watching rather then the main one