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Jun 21, 2012
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South Sydney Rabbitohs

A thread for all general discussion about the South Sydney Rabbitohs that doesn't fit into existing threads such as the NRL Salary Cap, Naughty Chair, Warriors team lists, game day and post match threads etc.

This can include past or present news and views, match tactics, recruitment strategy etc...


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May 18, 2012
I reckon his weight has contributed to his injuries over the years too. On his day though no one in the league is better! Probably not now though. Could be a handy prop.
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Sep 1, 2015
Like when Luke turned up fat and unfit?
The difference was that sort of thing was expected at the Warriors, Luke definitely thought so anyway. It is amazing how things have changed.


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May 18, 2012
Hmmm ... looks like Souths cant fit George Burgess in the cap.. according to aussie media trying to follow Seabold to the broncs, but brocs got a full house ... see what happens now...

I’m still holding out hope that something like this will set off a chain where the Warriors can pick up a decent player.
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