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Roosters Somehow Manage To Counter Toronto’s $9M Offer For SBW And Remain Within Salary Cap

It’s believed that the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs tried to offer him their entire salary cap for the season but unfortunately couldn’t get him interested.
I wonder if the NRL would introduce the ESL's exemption off the cap for players outside of rugby league. It could end up being a big boost for the game and make recruiting (potentially) easier for us?

I'm sure the RLPA would be up in arms though
ah paving the way for Folau's return..
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You have to admire that ESL allows clubs to sign players from other codes, and have a max of upto $300k of their salary counted in the cap. That is quite a good idea to entice players from other sports as long as the club can financially afford it. Far better idea than the 'war chest' funds the NRL would boast about that it can use to entice non league players over which never seemingly got used.

The game needs to move ahead.
Can see the rise of Samoa with SBW representing them and the players he will attract.
A two year deal is perfect timing for a shot at the title in the 2021 World Cup.
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A class act SBW.
Nice title.
I used to use that line when we had almost impossible resourcing issue at Ports of Auckland.
the sun will still shine tomorrow.
and it did.
Although in Aucklands case maybe tattered with some rain!
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