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Solomone Kata

  • Played in the inaugural 2014 Warriors Nines team
  • Educated at Sacred Heart College (Auckland)
  • Represented Tonga U21 Rugby Union

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Apr 22, 2018
With the news the club is looking at Widdop, where do you reckon that leaves the Manu potential signing. That would see Widdop in the halves, Walsh fullback and Berry in the centres surely. I was thinking the Joseph Manu was a happening thing also, not sure how it would fit now.
I think the report was Widdop on a one year deal on $300k? I don’t think that precludes Manu (he’s contracted to end 2022)
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Sep 1, 2015
I’m not sure where he’s at physically and mentally these days; seems like a good bet on a cheap ($300k) short (1 year) deal if that’s what’s on the table. A depth half is going to cost 150/200 minimum anyway
I missed the other posts, and it is the wrong thread, but he reminds me of Dean Bell for a year. That was well worth it although the youngsters around here can't remember back that far.


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Aug 21, 2019
Where is that posted? At 33 he should be prime for a four year contract, I thought the Warriors were past that. Hell of a player though.
Was on the recruitment thread this morning, sorry for the wrong thread, just was interested in fonzies view while he was there. Looking at the 2021 super league stats Widdop is looking good. 8 tries in 8 games, one of the only to kick a 40/20, good tally of try assists. Better stats than Sezer anyway. Will just say Solomone Kata is a good man so it’s not entirely the wrong thread.


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May 9, 2012
Watched Kata in the weekend for the brumbies- he was awful on the wing
Laumape easily won the Warriors convert battle
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I remember one pre season they got all the boys to pull the gloves on and have a stink- apparently the best one was between these two pocket rockets.
Would’ve paid good money to see that.
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