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Solomone Kata


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Solomone Kata

  • Played in the inaugural 2014 Warriors Nines team
  • Educated at Sacred Heart College (Auckland)
  • Represented Tonga U21 Rugby Union

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john nick

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Mar 28, 2020
Prime Brent Tate was a Beast

Unfortunately I’m not sure we had prime Brent Tate at the Warriors.

His injuries though : 16 operations. four knee reconstructions, nine ankle operations, major surgeries to shoulder, groin and throat, and two arthroscopies to clean up a knee.

Nothing but made respect for the guy. Especially packing up his bag and coming to NZ
Exactly Neck injury & all brought a very good defensive culture to Warriors younger guys.Outstanding & tough as considering his injuries


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Aug 29, 2016
IMO we’ve only had two centres in their prime EVER at the club, Jerome pre knee problems and Toopi, the rest have either been past their best for various reasons I.e. Tate or not yet at their best e.g. Nigel V. Sol for all his positives wasn’t a centre because the main jobs are 1. To be defensively sound midfield (tick) 2. Create space for wingers to finish (no tick), probably best suited to wing but with modern aerial game too short & inability to pass to right means hookers out.
Hiku is probably the exact opposite but this year has shown a bit more on D and Herbert is a mix of both- potentially.
Hopefully we haven’t gone backwards with Aiken and miss out on either or both of Herbert/Hiku.
Sol might make a great Sam Moa impersonator off the bench?
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