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Sep 1, 2015
I didnt agree with Budge alot when he posted on here,
Has he gone? I thought he has just changed his sock;). I enjoyed his passion for the game. He bleeds for the club.


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Sep 1, 2015
I dont see anything wrong with it. Dont deem it to be a personal attack. Another mod can delete it if they consider otherwise. If it isnt clear already, we moderate the warriors section usually. Lets others flow. Only step in if there are personal attacks, spam, and illegal content. And for the record i personally moderate very seldom...most of my time is taken up behind the scenes...and you can tell how much i like to/want to moderate by my cranky nature when i have to step in. I dont envy anyone who has to deal with it hence my often cranky posts to "stop it or else" lol...if i need to step in, consider yourself a naughty boy ;)

We never stated we want to be the 'highest standard league forum' around. We do have certain objectives though. Besides if we were to adhere to that standard probably 50+% of all posts on this entire forum would be deleted, and probably 100% of your recent posts ;)

BTW ive left your recently reported posts for other mods to manage. I suggest take a deep breathe. Its not the end of the world if people delete your post or bar you from replying in one thread. As surfin stated there are far more important things in life to worry about.

Besides that post looks like a tongue in cheek comment to ME anyway. Read through this thread and others on moderation and you will see others saying similar stuff about mods. Its ok to be poked fun of, its harmless. Dont take it personal.

Might add "require thick skin" to terms and conditions of using the site.

BTW next post about Fale or Sale of the club WILL result in a holiday for you. Its not just barred from replying...but you wont be able to access the site at all. As explained circumventing bans is frowned upon. We dont want to resort to that.

Please dont waste our time and we wont waste yours. You may not realise it but i have far more important things to be doing than replying to this. If you have a moderation query, you need to contact myself or a mod. The purpose of this support forum is to actually assist people who need help with the site.
I will tell you a story about a very successful website/forum I used overseas some years ago.

It was very popular and had a specific business base. It also had a forum that like most could get blunt and heated, but generally the posts were very good from some very qualified and interesting people. I actually used to advertise on it for the job I was doing at the time.

It was quite a good earner, so much so that the owner split off the forum and sold it to one of the regular posters.

After the owner sold the forum he still remained a regular poster, although he changed his sock (forum name) and became a little less formal in his posts.

Then things started to unravel. Moderators moved on and were replaced by regular posters, some with multiple socks ( forum names). These guys started bullying and picking on individual posters. Some posters quietly left, some changed their socks to try and avoid trouble. The trouble is the mods could see who they were and the bullying continued.

I noticed how many "new posters" seemed to be new socks, you can usually tell by the writing style. It got that sick that the old owner, one of the worst bullies, was often talking to himself using various socks.

I started to lose interest, as did many others but occasionally logged back on to see what was happening. One time I saw a post from some guy saying how are you three guys on here going? So all these hundreds of daily posts were coming from three people, probably the mods talking to themselves.

Anyway I lost interest for even longer but checked back in a year or so later. Bloody hell I could tell there was only one poster, the original owner, talking to himself through his socks. I don't know what happened to the poor guy he sold it to, must have given up in disgust.

I never checked back again until today but I see the site closed permanently last year.

The point of this story, is that it was an immensely popular site, way bigger than this forum. I have no idea how much it earned but the owner lived well and was able to sell it to another guy.

However as soon as the standard of moderating slipped, people started to leave, and only came back occasionally to see if things had changed, which they had for the worse.

So I applaud your arrogance Tahjay, but you are not this forum, the posters are. If they get pissed off with you they can leave. I am pretty sure if you start taking sides in flame wars that will happen here.

Point taken?


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Mar 30, 2012
Point taken?
That tajhay and bruce are the same person talking amongst themself? ;)

Ofcourse i personally understand that. I have never considered to be the forum, nor stated that. My actions are for the forum and for the staff that help out - not me. If anything i hate to be writing these as if its some official line. Its always the community and for this community. And there are always things going behind the scenes in regards to that. Do note that this iteration of the forum has existed since 2003 i believe...some joined from VOT. It has gone through many changes. Read through the archive if you got time ;) Some users still here. So yes we know, and it does reasonates with us. We dont take sides in flame wars. We extinguish it. Others may not see it like that but thats how we think we act anyway.

If you need to continue, PM me or another mod.
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Sep 1, 2015
Oh god...Not this sock thing again...
Federal Court hasnt slammed the NRL as apparently claimed. Just stated the bleeding obvious, that if the rule isn't in place, then JDB is free to play.

But also scheduled another hearing for next Thursday.
WRONG. They heavily criticised the NRL and said JDB has been caused harm. You have a new sock, FAKE NEWS FRANK :rolleyes:
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