General Soccer World Cup 22

Never played soccer but always loved following the World Cup.
I’ll be in Brasil for the finals so really looking forward to this one- hopefully they can deliver 🤞
Anyone else going to take an interest?



This year yet?
And the Aussies are thrashed by France
The Aussies at the World Cup is another highlight the massive difference in their mentality vs ours. The general fan is pissed Aus didn’t keep their foot on Frances throat after the first goal and reverted to a defensive game plan. The narrative is ‘why are they there if they’re not trying to win’ and nothing short of at least a second round qualification is expected.
Compare this to our last outing where we were just happy to be there and adopted a (some would say) negative game plan of all out defence to not concede. ‘Undefeated’ is the continuing story from a NZ point of view
What's considered a blowout score these days?
So far there have been three games decided by a 3+ margin, five by 2 or less, three classic soccer nil-all draws, plus another goal scoring draw.

I'm just hoping my 10 dollar bet on Uruguay to take it out comes through (only did it cos Simpsons ha!)

My ridiculous $20 multi on all the qualifiers getting through the group stages is already looking shaky with the jitters from some of the big boys in their opening games. I had Australia as the dark horse to qualify to up the stakes to a $17k-ish return, now it looks like a whole slew of outside shots stepping up!

Budweiser are going to give the World Cup Winners all the beer the Qataris wouldn't let them sell.

Watch for players to ever so accidentally forget which goalmouth they're meant to be putting the balls into and what their team's goalkeeper looks like and start getting own goals galore.

50 Beer Executives meet in Munich and go out for dinner. 49 of them order their employer's product. The Steinlager Executive orders water. They all look at him and ask him why he's not drinking beer.

"Well, I don't want to be the only one!"
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