General Small but more evidence the NRL don't like the Warriors


Been refreshing the NRL page for the highlights. Always like watching them even if I saw the game on TV (Laptop).

Probably a Sunday so it's slow, however, Match Highlights for Manly vs Penrith are up...where's the Warriors?

Surely a 48 - 16 game has more highlights than a 12 - 8 game?



Just head over to our good friends at FoxSports and watch their highlights. Though they don't include every try...

And you shouldn't be watching highlights, you should be putting the finishing touches on D3... (you don't have to respond to that).

**Sorry, but we're unable to offer this video to users in your region.**

I've decided to take the Duke Nukem route and take another 8 years to finish D3


Whaaat? What region are you in...

Why would they discriminate...

Only another 8 years? Hot Damn!


Highlights are up.

I'm sure it was just a coincidence. No big deal methinks. Honestly they've never done it before.

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