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Apr 18, 2016
I once knew a coach, that I used to respect, that used the slogan ‘above the line’. This inspired me to think that if our players didn’t reach a standard they would not make the team.

As I sat pondering our predictable line up with obvious favourites and people on the outer, I realised our coach has a ‘process’ where he just ‘keeps the faith’.

I realise Kearney probably played for the Warriors while the ‘keep the faith’ motto was a big thing. Poor bugger probably had it drummed into him, but times have changed.

Now I thought we dropped the ‘keep the faith’ marketing a few years ago because it came to represent what was wrong at the club. What does it mean then, if our coach still lives by that slogan?
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Jul 13, 2014
There's nothing wrong with keeping the faith. Being consistent is one of the best qualities a coach can have. And you have to have faith in what your doing if you're going to be consistent.

That being said, being consistently average, or consistently crap is never a good idea. You need to develop an edge over your competition, and then consistently work that edge to your advantage on every game. So if you keep the faith in your advantage you're winning.

The most basic advantage any team can have is fitness. If you're a little fitter than the other guys then that's a great asset going into games.

The next asset is team work. If you're team is more cohesive and communicates better, has better combos, etc, than the others you're going to create better outcomes on the field in attack and defense.

Then there's merit. You have to believe that picking players solely on merit will get you the best results. If they do the job on the field during the game they are the right player to get selected.

If you keep the faith in these three ideals, fitness, team work and merit, you'll slowly become a better player or coach.

But it seems like Kearney has way too much faith in "the Bros". He seems to think the in crowd will get the best results. But the reality is that having personality, and winning footy games, are not correlated at all.

Keeping the faith in a losing strategy is the very definition of a loser.


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May 7, 2012
The big Warriors forwards are tiring.

The Warriors have clocked off with just five minutes left before half time.

The Warriors are inviting them back into the contest.

Kick it to Manu.

Pass it Kata.

The Warriors have found a purple patch at Origin time.

Shit I hate this team at the moment.
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