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Gotcha. Still interested to see him play. Wish I was up in Auckland, I'd go to their games if I was.


Don't let me talk him up too much, he is still very raw and has some errors in his game. However, he's unlike any other players we have in our squad, which is why I'm looking forward to seeing him play.
He's a talent for sure Spence. I think Bluey will look to use him alot next year. The only hole I see in his game is that he can get a bit lazy and doesn't do the 1-percenters all that well, but he's still young.


Likiliki , marc ionae , nafe seulini and elijah niko should never have been let gothey were champions the club produced plus brian mcclennan coach i waited 4 years for this never thought i would get my wish

Inu has to be on the wing with vatuvei he adds that extra spark and is going at attacking and defending the bomb remember how many he defused against the storm in in melbourne just an example they didn't sign him for those $$$$ to play nsw cup

Out of curiosity, how many first grade games have Mark Ioane, Suiatonga Likiliki and Elijah Niko, supposed champions, played since they left the Warriors?


To be fair, if you take that statement literally, he's correct. All of those players were memebers of the 2010 NYC winning team and are Warriors juniors. Thus they are champions produced by the club...just playing devils


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During our last update we only knew that he was living on the Gold Coast. The rest of our search drew nothing but blanks.

Managed to get a hold of him on Instagram and he's a machine operator and still living on the Gold Coast. Trying to get a company name so we'll see if he replies with one.


Also played a game for the MMT Old Boys team in March this year.