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Mar 7, 2015
Sorry, I’m abit dumb.

What is the objective of the game ? You draft a team of rugby current and ex-rugby league greats to form a team using cunning ideas on a criteria for each round. What happens after you have your team?


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May 26, 2021
A vote off until last man standing at the end of the draft ?

Sounds complicated.
Not quite. Wizards took a bit of poetic license.
Once everyone has their 17 dudes and made a team list I will post a voting thread where I will list all the teams. All of us will then vote on who we think is the best team to determine a winner and second and third places. You may not vote for your own team.
Other guys from the forum are invited to vote as well.
The reigning champ is bring me the horizon from our last contest who I think is BillySpeen user name change now?
I forget who won the other drafts but they were an absolute blast where we were addicted to our phones and this site for about two weeks.
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May 26, 2021
I am looking forward to this draft
It is an adaptation of other draft ideas I have researched or been involved with.
If it lives up to my expectations then I am expecting advanced cunning not seen since an episodes of Blackadder goes forth!!
I am really interested to see what machinations play out and whose personality this game suits.
Before the game starts i also need to issue an edict where I ask all the competitors to keep their cool and code of conduct / gentlemanly behaviour up even if they get bushwhacked as the name of the game is to sting your competitors. So all will be reminded in the rules to roll with the good times and the skullduggery times.
Should be epic !!!
Really looking forward to it.
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