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Who has brothers and/or sisters??

My brother who is turning 17 this year is acting like a 4 year old!! its annoying lol. Im trying to listen to music..then here he is..askin me stupid questions that he knows the answers too. :evil: :roll:


LOL well u asked.... so here i go...

i have 7 sisters and 1 brother...

CAROL (40) she has 3 kids dylan, harley & roxanne
DEBRA (38 ) she has 6 kids jolene (who has 2 kids herself and one on the way), stacey, kerriana, sinead, daniel & isaac
LYNDA (36) has 2 kids julian & leon
SANDI (33) has 5 kids Gene, Cory, Alex, Chance & Santonia (and one on the way)
BELINDA (29) who is pregnant
CINDY (24) (jeromesgirl) has 2 kids Marcus and Tyler
ME (23)
LISA (19) who is getting married today!!!

lol so there ya go!!! all live in NZ (wgtn) except me, cindy and stephen :)

as i said... u asked!!! LOL


Guest have alot of siblings...:p

I only have the one brother( 16 )..and 1 sister( 18 )..


Anna (40 this year) lives in Rarotonga with her husband and 2 boys

Myself (36) lives in Rotovegas with 1 girl(15)and 1 boy (2)

Maureen(35) (league girl) lives here too but moving to melbourne in June with her husband and her 2 girls


Me & my Sista and thats all!

Sista (Rena) 21 aLmost 22
Me 23

NO kiddies!

However we have grown up with our huge extended family so some of them are just like siblings too!


Brother 8 going on 80 such a miserable little s***,seems to think he knows it all :roll:

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