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Canterbury Bulldogs swap Shaun Lane for Warriors' Raymond Faitala-Mariner
Last updated 20:55, March 31 2016

Ashley Feder/Getty Images
Shaun Lane is on his way from the Bulldogs to the Warriors.

Canterbury forward Shaun Lane is poised to join the Warriors immediately in a player swap for Raymond Faitala-Mariner.

The forwards are among the most promising in the NRL but have struggled to break into their respective first-grade sides this season.

Lane announced himself as a player of immense talent in 2015, making 14 NRL appearance for the Bulldogs. Having slipped through the Cronulla system, it appeared the 198cm, 110kg back-rower had found a home at Belmore. However, Lane has been unable to break into a formidable Bulldogs pack this year and was keen to explore other opportunities.


Phil Walter/Getty Images
Raymond Faitala-Mariner, on the charge during Warriors's trial match against the Gold Coast Titans in Whangarei in February. He is likely to move to the Canterbury Bulldogs.

So too Faitala-Mariner, who has made one appearance in the top Warriors side this year, bringing his total to 12. The 22-year-old has been on the radar of Canterbury coach Des Hasler for some time, although attempts to lure him across the Tasman for the start of the year fell through.

However, the clubs have been secretly negotiating a trade for some time and are close to striking an agreement that is amenable to both parties. It's understood the deals, which are likely to be announced shortly, will result in both players signing at their new homes for two years.

The deal is an intriguing one given both players are at almost identical points in their development and market worth, raising the prospect of a straight swap.

With a deal all but finalised, there is every chance the two will square off on opposing teams when the Warriors and Bulldogs clash at Westpac Stadium in round seven.

It is understood that Lane has agreed his part of the deal with the Warriors, but discussions between Faitala-Mariner and the Bulldogs aren't yet complete.

Faitala-Mariner is a player a number of clubs, including the Bulldogs, have been interested in for a year, but the Warriors weren't initially interested in giving him an early release from his current contract, which concludes at the end of the season.

The fact that he was dropped back to the reserve grade after just one NRL game this season, against the Broncos, gave a clear indication that Warriors coach Andrew McFadden's interest in Faitala-Mariner had waned.

It now seems that Sam Lisone is regarded as someone who can fill in at the back row, while Ligi Sao, who signed to the club from the Sea Eagles last season, but dislocated his shoulder in the trial game against the Titans could be back next week.

Sao impressed McFadden during the preseason and is expected to claim a spot in the back row as soon as he's fit.
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Is lane coming now or 2017?

This looks good on our end, but could be a grass is greener deal, we remember all the Times RFM shells a pass or disappears in defence but couldn't tell you about lanes stuff ups.

Though he could grow into a giant, big warriors forwards might be an accurate statement again
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Just checked his stats from last season - plenty to like about his attack, one of the tallest players in the NRL, should draw in plenty of defenders.

I'm all for big bodies in the warriors pack, particularly if where going to match the likes of the Rabbitohs, Cowboys and Bulldogs.

I hope this is legit, we need to push the go button on this one!
It's tempting to be wary of a discard from an outfit as Savvy as Des Hasslers Dogs....remembering they got us to pay for Inu to play for them....they play Money ball better than any...

Still if you are going to take a gamble it might as well be a left over forward from the Strongest pack in the Competition.

One year deal is interesting...all new for us under Doyle...
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Ever Hopeful

I don't like hearing about weak defence and rumours of a lazy trainer; two things that the Warriors do not need. I wonder if '1 year' is due to possible issues or just that Doyle is being smarter about length of contracts to unknowns. And does 1 year mean just 21 games this season?

Still if we are going to gamble, then gambling on a player with a point of difference to the rest of the team is a good start. Particularly if he is young and has some bulk to add.

I could never really see the upside to RFM. He may turn into a beast, but I'd say it is fairly doubtful he will be a star over a long term career. Plus he is the kind of player the junior system produces a lot of.
According to Raylene Castle he hasn't been sighted so far this year because he was overcoming an off season injury and Des has had him working on his fitness.
Dam this is moving fast. I was just reading the previous page and saw the Doyle quote where nothing is confirmed thinking well last time there were rumours about the Warriors he said "The media should ask me and I'll tell them straight, or maybe they don't want to ask me as they wouldn't get a story".

So for him to say nothing is confirmed pretty much gives this legs.

If this comes off we are no longer rolling out a little forward pack to get trampled over; now we can combat with size.

I haven't seen much of Lane besides the Belmore game posted earlier. RFM had his moments but had some shockers on defence.
Des has had a hard-on for RFM for ages now, so he obviously sees something in him, but like many in here I thought this deal sounds almost too good to be true.

As a result I have just got back from a quick visit to "The Kennel" and while still hopeful this deal goes ahead I must admit to concerns over the number of posts relating to poor defense, lazy training and not meeting KPI's.

Still the ironic thing is that if you swap their names around many of the posts over there are almost interchangeable with ones here.
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Christchurch Born n bred white bait fed.
Its been confirmed according to the league live app.
Lane had a fall out with Hasler is the story.
And Des wont let him back in first grade



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Still the ironic thing is that if you swap their names around many of the posts over there are almost interchangeable with ones here.
Except our comments re: RFM are the truth.

The folks on the Kennel forum are just trying to comfort themselves because they know they're losing out on this swap.

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