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Okay I'm not the only one who thinks this! I feel like so far Johnson is playing selfishly at the moment. If it's a battle between Johnson and Walsh then Johnson can fuck off. Reece is ten times better a ball player then Johnson is even in Johnsons prime!
Hahaha, mate, there's no "battle" ffs 🤣🤣..he sprayed him cos he got in the way and fked up the try. Shaun isn't playing well but his rookie year was damn spectacular, walshy hasn't got near that yet.
Maybe so but he's an old man now and he's trying to out do the young guys instead of making the young guys around him better.

And I only said ball player.
Like, he can't just be out of form can he, now there's a sinister motive lol..he secretly is jealous of Walsh and is trying to sabotage him to make himself look better 🤦 seriously? Thats pathetic I'm sorry.

You must have been born in 2012 and not seen Shauns 2011 lol..some of his ball playing was off the charts. Have a look at some of his stuff with the Sharks for recent form..

I can't say this enough, Shaun is not playing well, we all know this and walshy is and should be the epicenter of the team, he's our future..but now we are looking for things that aren't there, it's sad.
Wasnt shaun up there for try assists during his stint at cronulla? Even while injury plagued? If shaun doesnt like whats going on wait until reece signs his massive contract extension lol
Jesus Christ there's a lot to dissect in there.

1. HR department sacked - no woman in the club?
2. divided playing group
3. A failed player revolt against the coach
4. players trying to change the game plan
5. Lodge was keen to sign the extension until certain incidents changed his mind - the whole not moving to NZ thing was all made up by the club to save face

OMFG fold the club
1. HR department sacked - no woman in the club?
That is the weirdest one to me.

A few seniors calling out a failing coach to other players on "this is not how its done" is hardly revolt lol. Its probably more the norm than the exception in these circumstances. We have not improved our clearly failing defense on the edge or our defensive shape. Something is not happening that should be, in training. Only the players would know why its not improving.

Im wondering how Shaun Johnson is handling the environment, and how it has impacted his intensity/desire..... good last game but hasnt seemed his usual self and at times frustrated.
I think a lot of what Johnson gets from everyone is unwarranted. The fact is he is playing in the most important position in an underperforming team, which isn't to say he should be exempt from criticism as he is definitely prone to making bad decision. However, this Warriors side rarely has the ball and all the players are dealing with fatigue. Johnson has hundreds of decisions to make and when dealing with the fatigue that the team, and sometimes even himself, inflict results in poor passes and bad kicks.
It is probably a fair claim to say that he is trying to do it all himself, but that is most likely because when he decides to trust his teammates they cough up the ball by offloading when surrounded by defenders or making awful decisions with the ball.
Again, I don't believe Johnson is exempt from criticism, but I don't think he should be getting as much. I don't even think Cleary could fix this Warriors side at the moment. There are few players who actually put their heart in every performance. Tevaga has heart but not the ability to match. Walsh has the ability but defensively hasn't got the heart. Egan and Chanel Harris-Tavita put their bodies on the line every game. And the rest of the squad is littered with disinterest and indifference, it's no wonder Johnson tries to do it all himself.


Just another day in paradise
Pains me to say this, but if the rumours about him causing dissent in the locker room is true, then he either pulls his head in, or Brown needs to grow some balls and drop him.

If this is how he repays a club willing to give him a second chance, then he’s really not the club person I thought he was.

His body language over the last month has been reeking of rebellion and recklessness.
What rumors what are the sources?

I did notice the last few weeks where he was throwing his hands up eg

1) Lussick ran the wrong way when they were set up for a go at scoring on the right vs South

2) Giving Walsh a WTF when he dropped the ball on the try line

3) few incidences after and noticed him throwing his hands up again last night

Not a good sign when your playmaker is having these body language even I noticed it


Could also be Kodi considering he got the heave-ho earlier.
I’d like to think you’re bang on there. He and Lodge last of the Moses crew, both hurried along with risk of financial flow back (hence unusual payout) and Kodi looked far from engaged once he was usurped in his favoured positions.

Be surprised if it’s Shaun Johnson - not normally that enthusiastic is he lol?!

Someone should reach out to ask her?
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Shaun Johnson has never changed IMO, MIA, never takes the blame, a player that lives on his one or two really good seasons ( not great, fantastic seasons but games in there that he was THE MAN ) I didn't want him back BUT if he was consistently improving the Sharks would have kept him anyway. Giving the role to make the Warriors tick and win the matches that we should have won last season has now been seen as a massive mistake. A playmaker who will NEVER take the line on but just pass the ball to someone a yard away IS A PASSENGER. Playing against a team who had 12 players then 11 on the field would allow any halfback to run riot with cut out passes , spread the ball, open up any defence on the planet. He couldnt nobody else to blame HE WENT MISSION. That should have been his last ever match for the Warriors, because if you cant destroy a team when you have a 2 man advantage,,,,,,, what can you say ?