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May 9, 2012
Aircraft, mate. If my dad and his mate - who both used to fly, my dad just as a hobby, his mate become a pilot for Qantas or some Aussie outfit - were standing next to you when you wrote "airplane", you'd be getting the Death Glare.

No, they just have a cabin. And if there was a fly in it, I'd be rather disturbed.

Anyway, as to The 2 SJs. I'm sure they shared stories about being blamed for tons of crap that wasn't their fault and moaned about what lazy shits forwards are....:)

Looking forward to a solid, consistant, not-headline-grabbing, setting-other-players-up-for-the-highlight-moment season from Shaun Johnson The Younger.

In saying that I've probably doomed the poor man to an ACL injury suffered in his first training session....
I rated that post funny then read the last line and took my emoji back.

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