Post Match Sharks vs Warriors Post Match [Round 23, 2019]

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1st Grade Fringe
Jun 21, 2016
didnt watch the game.... all I know is RTS tried his all as usual.... but who were the main 4-5 players that looked shit? Im thinking I know who but want it confirmed by you lot
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1st Grade Fringe
Sep 11, 2017
Blair, Green, Papalii (has potential but needs some time in reserve grade) and Luke can all fuck off. Our forwards are easily the worst in the competition. Why the actual fuck did we not play Bunty... That call is inexcusable for me. I can bare some of the Kearney shit and changing coaches has never worked for us yadda yadda but holy fuck dropping Bunty who is probably our closest resemblance to an impact forward for Ayshford is criminal.

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