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The so-called sex scandal engulfing NRL club North Queensland refuses to go away as the Cowboys prepare for Saturday's crunch match against Penrith.

A day after club chief executive Peter Parr issued a statement referring to the Wayne Carey-like scandal within the club as "malicious, unfounded and untrue", the wife of head coach Graham Murray on Thursday entered the fray.

Acting as a spokeswoman for the players' partners, Amanda Murray told the Townsville Bulletin: "The wives will stand by their partners, the players and the club in dealing with this situation."

Rumours swept league circles that some Cowboys players had formed sexual relationships with teammates wives.

Star playmaker Johnathan Thurston went on record, denying any truth to the vicious rumours.

"At the club we know they are not true. I don't feel the need to deny anything because nothing has happened," he said.

"I don't know where it started but I'd like the issue to be left alone."

The Cowboys closed ranks on the matter today with senior players, including skipper Travis Norton, refusing to offer further comment.

Norton said while he was happy to talk about the issue on Wednesday he would not comment again on Thursday as he said the team needed to focus solely on this weekend's game against Penrith.

Another permanent first grader, who did not wish to be named, believed the drama would bring the squad closer together.

"It's all rubbish," he said.

"I've heard them all and they're ridiculous. I had to laugh at the last one when some bloke asked me about it, but it's become the second biggest issue at backyard barbecues."

North Queensland officials took the "unprecedented step" of releasing a one-page statement of denial on Tuesday night following a secret meeting that involved players and coaching staff.

The statement described the rumours as "malicious, unfounded and untrue".

Parr today said: "What we've done is throw our support behind all players who have been victimised by these malicious rumours."

Parr said he spoke to NRL chief executive David Gallop and media manager John Brady, as well as sponsors, before setting the record straight about the speculation.

Thurston, who agreed to a million dollar contract extension with the club last month, reportedly broke down in Parr's office earlier this week as the rumours over player infidelity gathered momentum.

The players' partners had also been smeared by the rumours that have co-incided with the Cowboys' dramatic mid-season form slump.

Last year's grand finalists won their first six games of the season before dropping out of the top eight with eight losses from nine games.

They are currently in equal sixth spot and need to beat the Panthers at Penrith to get their season back on track.

Rugby League Players' Association (RLPA) chief executive Matthew Rodwell urged players caught in a similar situation to the Cowboys to take advantage of the league's player counselling service.

Rodwell said the existence of the service, that's available to members of the RLPA and their families, needed to be reinforced.

"It's always there for players to make use of," said Rodwell, the league's 1992 rookie of the year.

"We probably need to reinforce its existence to the players."

Rodwell said he supported the club's surprise decision to issue a statement on the matter.

Meanwhile, North Queensland has secured the services of teenage whiz and Innisfail product Jackson Nicolau.

Nicolau, 18, turned his back on Melbourne in a bid to become Thurston's long-term halves partner.


It's really unfortunate that we can't get through a proper 26 rounds of football without having to hear some of this stuff. :evil:


Who really cares what the players get up to off the field in any sport? I certainly don't and I don't understand why anyone else would. All I am worried about is watching the 26 rounds of football...


tHe_maC said:
Who really cares what the players get up to off the field in any sport? I certainly don't and I don't understand why anyone else would. All I am worried about is watching the 26 rounds of football...

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