Rumour Semi Radradra Quits the Eels?


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Jul 12, 2013
What a surprise it's Danny Weidler reporting on this. He was in France seeing the sites saying how hard done by SBW was in the NRL on $400k cause he had the good relationship with SBW and Nasser. Now that was my reaction seeing he was reporting it, after watching the video he actually wasn't too bad reporting the fact like he should do and not pushing an agenda.

This seems to have been brewing for a while. Radradra even got selected for Australia which at the time seemed like it had settled things.

The precedent has been set with SBW walking out to France. He paid his way out at the time but I can't recall what happened back then in terms of court actions back here and what impact they had. But if the player never intends on coming back could they just ignore it and play?

He was reported to be upset with the Eels due to TPA deals not being met. This is where these things come back and bite clubs as they are not guaranteed but the players always expect them to be delivered. TPA deals not being met was the reason Gasnier headed off to France.

The Eels the club that keeps delivering the headlines.


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Jul 12, 2013
He should just say like Tamou he needs to move for family reasons.;)

The video posted above is interesting with the Eels willing to let him play union for a set period. That got blocked when the Tigers were willing to let Benji do that.

Didn't he have some discipline problems as well?
The only one I can recall is one incident in Origin camp when he was younger. But I can't recall the exact details I think it was something like getting drunk and calling a girl and leaving a voice mail she didn't take to kindly to.

Not sure about issues with the Dragons but his reasoning was missing out on money due to TPA's.
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Jul 12, 2013
Didn't SBW play the night before and then head off?
What do these guys think that their team mates won't be so mad if I play this game but if I leave before this game they may be a little annoyed.o_O
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May 15, 2012
Wellington, New Zealand
Wow, what a selfish turd. Your club is deep in the shit, you've turned your back on your country for a bigger pay cheque, and when the chips are down you fuck off. See ya later champ.
On the plus side...the Eels should be well under the Salary cap now! :D

Jordan G

Didn't SBW play the night before and then head off?
What do these guys think that their team mates won't be so mad if I play this game but if I leave before this game they may be a little annoyed.o_O

SBW left the before the game. If memory serves it was against Canberra and they opened the broadcast by saying that SBW won't be playing because he's left the country.

At least Semi had the common decency to score a try, decide he wasn't going to top it, and figured he might as well be off.


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Nov 8, 2014
Semi Radradra walks out on the Parramatta Eels
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Keary hands Semi 95m try



AS IF things couldn’t get any worse for the besieged club, gun winger Semi Radradra has walked out on the Parramatta Eels.

The 24-year-old flyer reportedly got on a plane to Fiji on Saturday after telling the Eels he didn’t want to play for them anymore.

Despite being contracted for next year, he reportedly wants to go and play rugby in France, with Bordeaux the favourites to secure his signature.

While drawing parallels with Sonny Bill Williams’ infamous walk-out on the Bulldogs to go and play rugby in France in 2008, the big difference here is that Radradra told the Eels he no longer wanted to be at the club before he boarded his flight, according to Channel Nine’s Danny Weidler.

However, the Eels aren’t willing to let him go that easily. They see him as vital to the success of the club, and are willing to compromise to keep him in Sydney’s west in the long term.

“They are willing to negotiate with Semi Radradra, and they’re saying if he wants to go and play rugby from August to April in France, they will let him do that, which is a major concession from Parramatta,” Weidler said.

“But they want in return a three-year contract with Semi when he returns.”

Earlier this year there was talk Radradra was exploring options to head overseas and play the 15-a-side game, but he came out and publicly refuted those suggestions.

While many players — both from league and union — are lured to France with the prospect of fatter pay cheques, Triple M and Fox Sports league reporter James Hooper said the try-scoring machine was on good money at the Eels.

“He’s signed for next season with Parramatta and a lot of Parramatta’s salary cap has been publicly disclosed because of leaked statements,” Hooper said on Triple M NRL earlier on Saturday.

“I’ve had a look at some paperwork that shows the numbers that Semi’s on and I must say, they’re pretty damn good, he’s being paid reasonably well at Parramatta.”

Radradra made headlines earlier this year when the topic of state and international eligibility came up. The winger’s barnstorming early season form had him in the reckoning for representative honours, and he made his debut for Australia in their 16-0 Anzac Test victory over the Kiwis.


Will we see this sight again?Source:Getty Images

But despite pulling on the green and gold, he was ruled ineligible to play for his adopted home state of NSW in the State of Origin series.

Radradra was born in Fiji and spent 19 years of his life there, and holds a Fijian passport. To qualify to play for either NSW or Queensland, you need to have lived in the state for a period of time before the age of 13 — a criteria the Eels winger didn’t fulfil.

International eligibility rules differ. Radradra could play for Australia because he had been an Australian resident for three years.

The outside back made his NRL debut for the Eels in 2013 and was in career best form to start the 2016 season, making him an obvious pick for the Kangaroos.

After the Anzac Test it was reported the NRL was looking to change the laws around eligibility by lifting the residency requirement from three to five years, and exploring how players who weren’t selected for top tier nations like Australia and New Zealand could represent second tier countries like Fiji, Samoa and Papua New Guinea.


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Jul 12, 2013
Has Danny Weidler joined 1 and 1 together and come up with 11.... Or are the Eels not telling the full truth
There is a thread on League Unlimited where one poster said he tweeted Weidler and he said the story isn't true. But he was on Channel 9 reporting it, was he drunk and can't remember so it doesn't count.:confused:

That thread the poster posted a link but all I could see was a tweet from Channel 9 saying he had walked out on the Eels.

Not sure what to make of the Eels trying to shoot down the story that Radradra was given permission to go to Fiji. They haven't been the most organised club recently. That could be a case of he's gone but they still have hope he will take up their offer so they gave him permission after he's already left.

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Jun 21, 2012
It just doesn't stack up in hindsight. Parramatta would gain nothing from that tweet. Semi's family I thought (I think he has a young daughter doesn't he?) were as far as I knew all settled in Sydney. The only other thing I can draw from it is Semi has taken advantage of Parramatta's leave of absence and decided to then bugger off to France instead.

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Feb 24, 2013
An Eels member I know has just received an email from the club stating that Semi is in Fiji visiting his sick father for the bye round and is expected to return for training next week.

I'd be playing the wait and see game here.

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Sep 29, 2015
Good on him if it's true, I was pretty shocked when I toured through the back steets of Suva it's full of poverty, he can earn big dollars in France and look after his family. It's obvious it's always been about the money and who could blame him.

Sad to see him leaving the NRL but glad we don't have to face him in the Tests.
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