Player Selestino Ravutaumada


1st Grade Fringe
Sep 12, 2017
You guys rating h Perham? Seems Sj and RTS rated him, he got about 2 mins first grade and we havnt heard about him since.

I am glad we have another x factor player.

George would be likely to release the 3-4young guns we have. I cant handle how he destroyed our reserves and our Spine in one pre season when we should hae had a shot at the prem with the players we had. I was so excited about last year until i see CNK released, then SJ, my heart is in a dark place with the warriors. I need anothr finals season to get my head behind them again. Yet this draw, seems like all up hlll
That draw looks extremely tough for us! Even with a well-drilled talented side we would still struggle to make the 8 with that draw.


1st Grade Fringe
Nov 3, 2012
Wonder if this kid is still with the Fiji squad.
Or was it just for the 9's.

I see King Vuniyayawa is on the Fiji bench today.
Could be an open audition for King today.
Should come across Tino.
We can measure Tino's potential up against Kikau.