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INTRO: There’ll be no lengthy holiday for Chief Operating Officer for the NRL, Jim Doyle, before he starts as CEO of the NZ Warriors in November. In fact, he’s already having to manage his time carefully in Sydney to allow him to plan ahead to his role back in New Zealand - as he explains in this Q and A with John Deaker.

Q) Jim, when do you actually get your feet under the desk working at the Warriors HQ?
November the 10th will be my first day on the job.

Q) Some coaches and CEO’s feel hamstrung by previous recruitments made at clubs before they’ve even arrived. Are you able to have involvement or influence on important decisions like player recruitment before that November 10th date?
One of the things that happened was when I agreed to take on the role I spoke with Wayne, Bill Wavish and Eric – and we agreed that there’d be no staff appointments until I get there. We’ve put off some staff appointments recently until I get there so we can make sure we have the right people from a staff point-of-view. Then from a playing
perspective the good thing being in Australia at the moment is that there’s a few hours ahead of the day when you can talk to New Zealand. So I spend a bit of time talking to
‘Cappy’ early in the morning to talk to him about player rosters and what’s happening. So I have a little bit of input but it’s very limited.

Q) So when do you actually move across the Tasman when that communicating with ‘Cappy’ prior to November the 10th could at least become easier?
We actually move on November the 8th. My last day with the NRL is November the 7th – we fly out on November the 8th - and I start work on November the 10th.

Q) You’re very aware of the strengths and weaknesses of all NRL clubs – What NRL club’s systems and structures would you like the Warriors to model themselves on more than any other club - and why?
To be honest I wouldn’t actually use just one in particular. As you go across the clubs there’s some clubs better than others at certain things – whether that be football, commercial, marketing or membership . So I would use a combination of different clubs - not just one in particular.

Q) Having been the CEO of the NZRL, how much potential do you think is there for you to improve the relationship between the Warriors and the NZRL?
When at the NZRL I had a good relationship with Wayne (Scurrah). There’s no doubt that a strong Warriors will have a positive impact for the game of rugby league right across the country. At the same time a strong NZRL will have a strong impact on the Warriors so it’s important that they work together.

Q) How confident are you that you’ll be trusted with the power you want at the Warriors without interference from the board or the owners?
I’m very confident. I think at the end of the day we’ll all be working together. We all want the same outcome for the Warriors - to be very consistent on and off the field - and be very professional. That’s exactly what the board want and what the owners want. We’re all in it together - so we’ll all be using collective skills, knowledge and experience to make sure that we get the success.

Q) The future of the Under 20’s Holden Cup competition is apparently under threat. This could be a huge loss for the Warriors. How hard will you try in your current role - and when you arrive at the Warriors - to retain this competition?
A) There’s been a lot of speculation out there – and I’m not sure what the speculation is based on. I think everybody in the game knows that to develop talent for the future you have to have pathways. Those pathways start at 16’s and 18’s – and it includes the 20’s. It also includes the State Cups like the NSW Cup and Queensland Cup. No one disagrees that those are the right pathways - so I’m not sure why people are speculating about the demise of the Holden Cup.

Q) You’ve talked in the past in the media about the family reasons associated with wanting to return to New Zealand. How is your immediate family progressing back here in New Zealand?
A) My eldest daughter is 26 and she’s a schoolteacher – and the other one is 22 and works for Westpac. They’re living in our house in Auckland at the moment. When we came here we knew we were only here for 2 or 3 years. But when the opportunity came up at the Warriors it became an ideal time to stay involved with the game by moving back home to spend more time with the kids – so that was really the plan.

OUTRO: Jim Doyle may not be about to score tries or make tackles. However it will be fascinating to see what influence he can make on the Warriors team in the next few years when critics have often highlighted them “not getting the front office right” as a key reason for the Warriors never getting close to realising the clubs huge potential.
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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
One of the things that happened was when I agreed to take on the role I spoke with Wayne, Bill Wavish and Eric – and we agreed that there’d be no staff appointments until I get there.

Ok so this has already happened and totally refutes what he says in the article above. Is it time to be concerned?
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One of the things that happened was when I agreed to take on the role I spoke with Wayne, Bill Wavish and Eric – and we agreed that there’d be no staff appointments until I get there.

Ok so this has already happened and totally refutes what he says in the article above. Is it time to be concerned?
Theres no reason why he wasnt informed of it and even given his blessing. IMO if Cappy is happy to sign Iro up than thats all thats needed. Its Cappys head thats on the chopping block if he gets it wrong and rightfully so. Jim Doyle should be differing to Cappy on issues surrounding the training staff anyway.

Im thinking the above statement is more about backroom staff. Who is replacing Don Mann? Was that Dean Bell? Who is replacing Dean Bell???
I have mixed feelings towards the job Dean Bell has done in terms of recruitment, I wouldn't shed a tear if he's replaced. With whom? I don't know, that's their problem to solve. Go Jim go..


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Good old Eric looking after his boys...

Cullen Investments appoint Chief Operating Officer


Thursday, 30 October, 2014 - 15:30
Cullen Investments today announced the appointment of Wayne Scurrah as Chief Operating Officer.

Scurrah will manage the operational matters of Cullen’s New Zealand asset portfolio across multiple investments and market sectors. His role with Cullen enables him to continue his involvement in the group following nine years as Chief Executive Officer of the Vodafone Warriors, a member of the Cullen portfolio. During his tenure the Vodafone Warriors achieved significant revenue and profit growth. Today, the club has one of the competition’s most prestigious sponsorship portfolios and is the leading club in NRL merchandise sales.

Annual jersey sales alone total close to 50,000. The club’s on-field achievements include the NRL team reaching the finals in four years, all of the club’s three teams making the Grand Final of their respective competitions in 2011, and the Vodafone Junior Warriors making finals appearances every year since their inception in 2008; including winning three of four Grand Final appearances. Scurrah’s previous positions include CEO roles at Schwarzkopf NZ and North Harbour Stadium.

Scurrah commences his role at Cullen on 10 November, coinciding with incoming Vodafone Warriors’ CEO Jim Doyle’s start date. He will be resigning as a director of the Vodafone Warriors and his role with Cullen will focus on other assets.

Scurrah will join existing Cullen executives Don Stanway and Mark Flay who together have a remit to optimise Cullen’s existing New Zealand investment portfolio and to expand it. A key focus will involve identifying and realising new business development and growth strategies.

Scurrah commented that he was looking forward to commencing the role at Cullen. "I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Vodafone Warriors. I am now looking forward to working for Cullen on a variety of investments. The entrepreneurial approach of the team and the environment is certainly appealing and is something I expect I will enjoy immensely; I’m excited by the opportunities ahead."

Executive Chairman, Eric Watson says the appointment signals a renewed commitment to maximising asset value in New Zealand. "I congratulate Wayne on his appointment. He has an impressive track record and will be an important member of our global executive team.

We believe New Zealand continues to offer significant investment opportunities and we look forward to further value creation and growth arising from the pursuit of new opportunities."
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Doyle takes reins at Vodafone Warriors
Sun 9th November, 05:16PM

Jim Doyle officially begins his term as Vodafone Warriors managing director tomorrow. Image |

Jim Doyle will take up his position as Vodafone Warriors managing director tomorrow after two years as chief operating officer at the National Rugby League in Sydney.

His arrival coincides with Wayne Scurrah’s departure to Cullen Investments.

“It is a pleasure to welcome Jim on board,” said Vodafone Warriors chairman Bill Wavish.

“He is both well-known and highly respected across the rugby league world and we look forward to his contribution to the Vodafone Warriors.”

“We also wish Wayne well at Cullen Investments as he continues his successful career.

“Wayne’s role leading the Vodafone Warriors for the past nine years has enabled the franchise to make major gains and we are indebted to him for all the progress he has overseen.”

At the same time, Wavish announced Bill Birnie has replaced Donna Grant on the board.

“Bill comes with an impressive resume well suited to a professional rugby league franchise,” said Wavish.

“He has a background in law and investment banking with appointments to charities, sports, arts and government bodies.

“We thank Donna for her significant contributions to the board in her various areas of expertise.”

The board will now comprise Bill Wavish (chairman), Jim Doyle, Justin Davis-Rice, Bill Birnie and Mark Flay.
Interested to know his vision or priory changes ATM, what he needs to change or consolidate.
Although it's day one id assume he's not going in on his first day not knowing much about the place.
Any word or inside knowledge about where he's taking this club? Exciting times ahead


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New era begins at Vodafone Warriors

Mon 10th November, 09:35PM

Jim Doyle signalled a new era for the Vodafone Warriors on Monday when he officially started as the club's first managing director.

He will take take the club into its landmark 20th anniversary in 2015 after terms as the New Zealand Rugby League's chief executive and the NRL's chief operating officer.

Until now the club has been headed up by a chief executive but Doyle takes a new title as the sixth man to lead the Vodafone Warriors' day to day operations.

He follows former chief executive Wayne Scurrah and also replaces him on the board. Scurrah finished with the club last week after being in charge for almost half of the Vodafone Warriors' first 20 seasons in existence, his record reign spanning nine years after being appointed late in 2005.

Foundation chief executive Ian Robson was in the position for the club's first two seasons in 1995 and 1996 before being replaced by Bill MacGowan early in the 1997 Super League campaign. MacGowan was in charge to the end of the 1998 season but was then replaced by Trevor McKewen who held the reins for the 1999 and 2000 seasons.

When Eric Watson took over the club in late 2000, Mick Watson was appointed chief executive, holding the post for five years to the end of the 2005 season when Scurrah was signed.

Go to the link for an interview with our new CEO...
Love the quote about it being the best sporting administration job in the country; sure you'd always say that about the job you just walked into but it's still great to hear.

Expectations about the club should be hovering about the top 4. McFadden has said the same thing in not just aiming for the top 8 but consistently being there and being a top 4 side. Good we have a new enthusiastic coach talking that way and a new experienced CEO talking the same way.

Obviously he works hard to get where he has and the results he has in the roles he has had. But some people have a knack of things working out for them. Hopefully good times ahead not just off the field but also on the field which is the main driver for success and public and media perception of the club.

Hopefully he's come over here with written approval for us to use the secret unpublished boys club external salary cap that the Broncos, Bulldogs, Roosters and Rabbittohs have approval for. The Storm got theirs revoked when it became public a few years back.;)
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Good to hear Doyle is laying down the foundation and looking at recruitment - love the sleeping giant line ;)
We have often been described as a sleeping giant. Great to hear the high expectations, especially with the top 8 being the minimum and top 4 should be the aim. It would be great times to be a Warriors fan if we knew what type of performance we are going to get and most years we will be top 4 if not we'd be a 5-8 side.

No longer waiting for players off contract. Good to see he has seen how other clubs work and go enquire about the player they need off contract or not.

A lot of positive statements and high expectations. A lot we have heard before over the years we still have to find a way to win away from home with all of the travelling the side does and how to make Auckland attractive for top class players.

Some people through hard work and a little luck get results where others have failed; hopefully things fall into place with Doyle and McFadden at the helm.
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Haven't seen this posted anywhere. Good article on Jim Doyle and his work history and how he got into sports administration.

Lucky Jim.o_O
How about that tinny bugger use his luck to win us a premiership.;) Hell luck or hard work through 18 hour days I don't care I just want to be able to call in sick :cigar: early October cause I've decided I need a mad Monday then head out to the airport yell like a person from the 60's seeing the Beatles when my team comes home.:happy: