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Rumours from the foot of the mountains has Sam McKendry being released from the last year of his contract to link up with us.....

Whats your thoughts?

He is fairly solid and kiwi born


I would be VERY surprised if McKendry has been let go. Penrith have invested a lot of time and money into Sam and he is now paying off.


You and me both Iafeta.

McKendry has a massive future ahead of him and regardless of re-signing Civoneciva they'll want McKendry for the future.

From a Warriors POV it'd be a big signing, but I still feel we'd be lacking in experience up front. McKendry/Packer/Poching all could have long careers, but they're not ready to lead. That leaves Rapira who is still pretty young himself.

Wouldn't mind McKendry plus an experienced prop White/Lima for a couple of seasons.


From what I can tell it is info from a source to a Panthers mod on LU. Not sure how much you can take out of that.


Seems to match up with what people are saying on One Tribe as well.

Could be interesting! Maybe wanting to come home?


He didn't seem to be the type of person to want to come back home, he couldn't leave New Zealand sooner. But I guess he could have gotten home sick. I'd like to see him back here, he has become a very strong trainer, which is great. Packer, Rapira, Poching and McKendry for the next 5 seasons... Can't complain about that.


Reminds me of the time someone altered Grant Rovelli's Wikipedia page to say he was the inspiration for the Foo Fighters' song "The Pretender" - happened about two years ago.

Of course, Wikipedia is the fountain of truth and knowledge :p


Apparently this idea is gaining momentum. He would be a great signing for us


1 locke 2 inu 3 likiliki 4 ropati 5 vatuvei 6 johnson 7 seymour 8 rapira 9 heremaia 10 poching 11 mateo 12 mannering 13 luck
14 hohaia 15 ta'ai 16 packer 17 mckendry

That would be a mean team. 13 Kiwis in it too.