General Salary cap information and Warriors players


Given the salary cap has been, ummm...highlighted recently, I thought I'd find a little bit of information some may already know - or can add to - and post here.

1st Tier: 25 highest paid players.
  • $3,366,000 AU
This includes Playing Fees; Benefits such as accommodation, travel, motor vehicles, interest free loans, managers fees and applicable fringe benefits, Win bonus & appearance fees; Other Bonuses are included in current year based on previous years form, or next year based on current years form if no previous. "Other bonuses" and "Win bonuses" have a subjective formula applied to work out.

2nd Tier: All players outside the Top 25 who play NRL in current year.
  • $300,000 AU
Sponsor servicing: If provable that they have raised additional sponsorships through providing services to these sponsors.
  • $200,000 AU
Veterans allowance: If at club for 10 years or for the Warriors, Cowboys and Storm since inception.
  • $100,000 AU
Development: Players not playing NRL this year.
  • There is no cap.
Exemptions: Tertiary education; Approved traineeships; Medical insurance; Relocation and temporary accommodation.

Total Available Cap:
  • $3,966,000 AU
Total Cap Available if no veterans"
  • $3,866,000 AU.

So that's the breakdown. Next come the players. Tier one players are drawn from the NRL site. Strangely, there are 26 so one will need to be classified as a Tier 2 player, possibly Misi Taulapapa. Tier 2 players are taken from the balance of the players excluding Frank-Paul Nuuausala and Paul Atkins as they are either confirmed as leaving or sans photo. I'm presuming that the others are featured due to the probability that they may play NRL at some stage. The development players are the balance of the Development squad minus those featured on said site.

Tier 1: (*one to be omitted)
  • Louis Anderson
    Todd Byrne
    Sonny Fai
    Sione Faumuina
    Nathan Fien
    George Gatis
    Awen Guttenbeil
    Lance Hohaia
    Wairangi Koopu
    Epalahame Lauaki
    Micheal Luck
    Simon Mannering
    Tony Martin
    Steve Price
    Sam Rapira
    Jerome Ropati
    Grant Rovelli
    Misi Taulapapa
    Clinton Toopi
    George Tuakura
    Evarn Tuimavave
    Manu Vatuvei
    Richard Villasanti
    Cooper Vuna
    Brent Webb
    Ruben Wiki
Tier 2:
  • Patrick Ah Van
    Andreas Bauer
    Marvin Filipo
    Robinson Godfrey
    Roman Hifo
    Constantine Mika
    Daniel O'Regan
    Daniel Vasau
  • Scott Jones
    Jason Commisso
    Jody Henry
    Leeson Ah Mau
    Dean Shepherd
    Jody Henry
    Tolefoa Leaupepe
    Wayne McDade
    Miguel Start
    Nopoto Tuimaualuga
    Chris Tupou
    Lee Wetherill
    Malo Solomona
So that's 25 x Tier 1, 9 x Tier 2 and 13 x Juniors for a total of 47 players.


It amazing how many of these warriors "2nd tier" players arent holding their weight in the bartercard competition. How many of these "2nd tier players" have made the 2006 NZ residents squad??

NONE AT ALL...with the exeption of patrick ah van making his nrl debut. i think cooper vuna should be omitted from the top 25. I wont be surprised if the warriors made some BIG changes to their playing roster next year minus the obvious 1st graders.


So ur telling me someone like todd byrne and george gatis get paid $300,000 a year?