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Manu already plays as an extra prop, you think the fact he has had 5 on his jersey hid that. Put a speedster on the wing and get him into the middle of the field, the longer he plays out wide the more exposed he will be.

Lolohea our number 1 playmaker? - possibly, Kata gets unfairly criticized for his performances, he just gets better and better each week, so no I think these guys have a huge upside to them and could make quite a dangerous pairing. If we had more genuine back options id have Lolohea at 6 and Leaulai at 7.

Mannering is absolutely not the best forward at the warriors, if he is then this team probably wont win more than 5 games this season if lucky. Mannering couldnt break a rubberband running at full speed.

Halves need to be constructive playmakers, Robson and Shaun Johnson are NOT playmakers, Johson is a broken field runner with twinkle toes being completely choked up on the field, youd get way more value out of him playing him at centre or fullback, he cant hack the halves at all, not against mid-level up teams. Lino can construct and Leaulaui most certainly can. Do you want to win games or just have hope?

I'm not sure what you're smoking. But its not good for you. Every team has a Mannering, Work horse/Tackling machine/The guy whose team mates appreciate him immensely, But some fans don't because he isn't sonny bill, With the offloads and line breaking ability.
I think he is the most important player we have. Not necessarily the best!

Hes our cleaner, Forever covering for other team mates poor defense.
He's tireless in everything he does.
Plus alongside Manu, A top club man!

Yet you talk about Hoffman with glowing praise!?
He runs hard, Yes. He doesn't pass the ball, He has a lot of mistakes in him...Quite often actually. Mannering has his days. And tries to pass.
Hoffman never does.
Mannering makes twice as much tackles as him.

So they both have there strong suits. And weak points.
The thing is, Our back row is to similar. No x factor what so ever.
Workers, Thats about it. Why buy hoffman, When he is pretty much Mannering? At least Thompson is fast lol.

I don't know. You want to get rid of Shaun Johnson/Bully & Roger Tuivasa-Sheck? Nah, Ufa.

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