General Russia Invades Ukraine



You mean like you and the Yanks have done all over the world. It is still and invasion if those invaded are brown or black.
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There’s very few national Ukrainian soldiers left 😬. 200k+ dead. It’s now a multi national force.

Also wtf is Poland up to, seems they really want it to kick off.
Thought it was UK Navy Seals and NATO fighting against Russia not Ukrainians? (/sarcasm)

Yeah Poland seem to be itching for something to happen, though the missile landing in Poland a few months ago was diffused pretty quickly.


Also wtf is Poland up to, seems they really want it to kick off.
some say the US/NATO are looking to salvage something from losing this conflict and that Poland may be backed to create a buffer zone in western Ukraine, the part that the Germans relinquished to Russia at the fall of WW2.
Just incase of a regime change in UKR..

This would mean all these neat tanks wouldn't make it to the eastern frontline..
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US winning the Ukraine war.
Europe and GB paying.

WASHINGTON ― Sales of military weapons between the U.S. and foreign governments shot up to nearly $51.9 billion in fiscal 2022, largely because U.S. allies in Europe are rushing to arm themselves in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine 11 months ago.

The total represented a 49% jump from $34.8 billion in sales the previous year, according to new State Department data. Direct commercial sales ― from contractors to governments ― also grew, reaching $153.7 billion, up from $103.4 billion the year before.