Haven't seen anything on it posted, but if anybody knows it will be Patu. Hopefully he's gotten something done about it, when he was at his best at points in the season he was a rep quality prop.


I hope he gets it done, even if he has to miss the beginning of the season. Assuming it's something that will be better for him in the long run.


Courtesy of the Sydney morning herald.https://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league...e-room-after-calf-surgery-20120303-1u9kb.html
FOUR days after returning from his maiden tour with the Kiwis, reality hit Russell Packer.
One minute, he was realising his long-held dream of pulling on the black jersey in the Four Nations. The next, he was at the mercy of the scalpel on the operating table, wondering if he would be fit for the Warriors' grand final rematch with Manly at Eden Park today.
Packer couldn't walk for two weeks in early December. He was in immense pain, bedridden after unavoidable surgery to mend his troublesome calves. The no-nonsense front-rower had long suffered from compartment syndrome, a condition that causes the calf muscle to seize - often during games. The condition restricted his ability to buckle opposition defences for prolonged periods.
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''Four days after I got back from England, I went under the knife,'' Packer said. ''They cut the sheet around the calf muscle. They slice around the skin to let it expand properly. It's meant to relieve the pain and allow me to stride out. I had [the condition] for a while and just managed it. But it was getting worse.
''The recovery was quite long. I couldn't move much for the first week. I couldn't walk at all, even with crutches, for two weeks.''
Initially, Packer feared he had to sacrifice his place in the Kiwis to be fit for today's season opener. But, luckily, he was able to postpone the operation and is 90 per cent mended after a six-week recovery. He missed only one of three pre-season trials.
Today, the 22-year-old partners converted back-rower Ben Matulino, 23, to form one of the NRL's youngest engine rooms. The pair are the cornerstone of a depleted forward pack, quite staggering given their age. They are expected to carry the bulk of the metre-eating duties with senior props Jacob Lillyman and Sam Rapira in the casualty ward.
But that task is nothing new for these close mates. They are far from rookies. Both made their first-grade debuts in 2008. Both have proved to be Test calibre. Both played in last year's grand final. Both were junior leaders. They have wisdom and experience beyond their years, combining for 163 games in the code's most unforgiving role.
''Ben and I are the two experienced guys in the front row with those boys injured,'' Packer said. ''We've played a lot of games together and we've got a good friendship. As the main props, we're going to have to lead from the front.''
That nous and aggression is crucial against the Sea Eagles' big men. Jason King, Brent Kite and the 113-kilogram George Rose are renowned enforcers.
Former Warriors prop Steve Price has no concerns about Packer and Matulino's ability to carry the team, quite the opposite. He recalls the duo filling in for Ruben Wiki and himself in the 2010 season and believes they have only improved since stepping into their sizeable boots full-time.
''Rusty [Packer] is your typical front-rower. He'll love the extra minutes, the extra pressure,'' Price said. ''Ben's development over the last two years has been amazing. It's going to be what sort of help they get off the bench.''
Ivan Cleary is the only coach Packer has known since he joined the club as a baby-faced 17-year-old. But he's warmed to Brian McClennan and points out that hooker Nathan Friend is the only new Australian import.
''The good thing is he's a Kiwi,'' Packer said of McClennan. ''There's a lot more Kiwi boys in this club now, not as many Aussies. That's good for our development. The club only has a couple of marquee signings. The rest of the squad is coming from the under-20s.'

Read more: https://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league...alf-surgery-20120303-1u9kb.html#ixzz1o9RazNPS


Good article, I actually asked about his legs the other month as I was wondering if he'd had the surgery or not, and nobody seemed to know at the time.

Had to laugh though at "Jason King, Brent Kite and the 113-kilogram George Rose are renowned enforcers."... hardly!


Russell had a solid game yesterday, i didn't understand why he was subbed after 10min, but maybe he is still getting over the surgery.


Russell had a solid game yesterday, i didn't understand why he was subbed after 10min, but maybe he is still getting over the surgery.

I assumed it was due to that fact that they:

a) Didn't want a rookie to start, and
b) Didn't want Matulino and Packer both on the bench at the same time


Looked good in patches against the Eagles last week. Huge year for the big man.


So basically his calfs got to big for there own good?
Big fan of the fudge packer. Think his work on the ground goes unnoticed- love those quick play the balls and he's a good wrestler on defense too

Warrior Nation_old

I like how his discipline is getting better with everygame, when he first played top grade it was normal to see him get penalised but now thats Ukuma lol

I really hope Packer fully recovers from this injury!!
Warriors and Test prop Russell Packer is headed to Newcastle next season after penning a four-year deal with the NRL club.
The 23-year-old was released from the final year of his contract at the Warriors, with whom he made his NRL debut in 2008.
Packer has played 110 games for the Auckland-based club and two Tests for the Kiwis.
"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Warriors since joining the club in 2007 but to have the opportunity to play at the Knights and to be coached by Wayne Bennett is special," said Packer, who will relocate to Newcastle with his young family ahead of pre-season training in November.
"I look forward to joining the Knights in the pre-season and assisting the Knights premiership ambitions."
Newcastle chief executive Matt Gidley said Packer will add plenty of power to an already solid Knights pack.
"Russell is a young Kiwi international and will compliment our current front row stocks," he said.
"His addition to our squad will also bring further confidence to the team."

From NRL.com.

Sign of things to come??
I know packer isn't known to have the best attitude. But when a coach name Wayne picks him for his team. It doesn't full me with confidence with the warriors management
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I know packer isn't known the the best attitude. But when a coach name Wayne picks him for his team. It doesn't full me with confidence with the warriors management
It's not that Wayne picked him up so quickly, it's the fact they gave him four years which hits home how much of an asset he really could be.
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Bennett and their senior players will help to transform Packer into one of the best props in the nrl if not the best, health willing. Wont be surprised if Ropati gets an extension or a new role as assistant extraordinaire! What a joke. Go hard Rusty! Be the best
They have a pretty good forward pack already with Snowden, Mason, Smith, Fa'alogo I'm probably missing out a few as well.
Packer is probably aimed at replacing Costigan.

Knights are going to be tough next season.
When Packer lives to fulfill his potential, which I have no doubt he will under Bennett, there will be many moaning about how we let such a talent go. But there is no point, as it is clear he needs a new environment to achieve his best, and this could not happen at the Warriors.
These things happen, best of luck to Russell and the Knights.

Now FFS let's sing a monster prop.

Jordan G

Good luck to Rusty, but he was dead weight here with no sign of improving. Best outcome for both player and club.

We'll see what the Knights can do with him. Although I rate him very highly I don't buy the "Bennett turns water into wine" argument with every player. Rusty will have to do his part if he wants to succeed.