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Rules and regulations.
We recommend reading them. We've even taken words out to make it easier to do so.

Discrimination policy: No taunting or direct derogatory references (racism, sexism, etc.) If we think you're doing this you could be hit with the ban stick.

Personal attacks: Treat posters with respect. If a poster's view is different to yours take issue with the view, not the poster.

Good = 'CrankyScot, I can't agree with that. Mannering is a far better defensive player, especially one-on-one.'

Bad = 'Hey Slutty McCumbucket, you'd know all about one-on-one. Dumbarse.'

Basically, think before you post or we may have to edit, delete, or ban. This isn't a place for personal attacks or trolling. If you must have a bleat use private messaging, but don't go overboard.

Word censor: We have one and we use it. Occasionally you'll type in a word and it will appear as something else. We'd prefer you increase your vocabulary. It's good for you. Also, the word censor is in place for a reason, please don't attempt to get around it to make public a word thats banned.

Images: Children and people who aren't GTA or Hustler fans do frequent the site. Please keep that in mind. Overly violent and/or sexually explicit images are not allowed. The same goes for images that promote derogatory behaviour. You may be asked to remove them, or they may be moved for you.

No GIFS in signatures or avatars. They just slow things down. Not everyone has super-fast broadband. One-offs for use in discussions are fine.

Personal identification: Privacy is important. Unless a user gives you written permission or they have publicly volunteer the information, do not publish anything that could identify them. Phone number, email, physical address, name, or whatever.

Posting personal messages: Consider this the same as personal identification (above). Please don't post personal messages without consent from the person who has sent it.

Defamation/Slander: Posting anything that may be deemed as slander is solely the responsibility of users and we will ensure that you are legally liable for any damages perceived. Legal action has closed many forums, including previous incarnations of this site. So we will act in the site's best interests.

Breaking laws: This is a public forum so respect and follow any applicable laws. If any criminal law is broken on this site, or through interaction on the site, the poster(s) will be banned instantly. We're not liable for your actions. If it comes down to a choice between you or the forum going for a skate you can guess which one will.

Advertising other sites: Ask first. In some cases we'll allow it. Most times we won't. Advertising includes in signature files, avatars or profiles that contains names or location with a website address as well as banners and links in signature files or avatars.

Spamming: If we think you're posting for the sake of increasing your post count we may delete posts. Think quality, not the quantity. Look to see if there are already threads/discussions about your topic before starting fresh. It helps.

Signature limits: You have the option of placing a text or image signature at the end of each of your posts within acceptable dimensions. See below.

Text size of font: 1 to 3.
Maximum 300 characters.
Maximum 100 characters without spaces.
Maximum 12 lines.
Image Sig file size: maximum 400 (width) x 100 (height) pixels.
Maximum 20Kbs.
Users will be limited to 2 images per signature.

Staff roles: There are two tiers of staff members. Moderators and Administrators. All do an amount of back-of-house work. Mods take care of general business like cleaning up posts, keeping discussions rolling, and making sure you play nice. Admins can do that, but also take care of all major forum disputes, including the potential suspensions and bans of users. Issues of any kind should be forwarded to forum administrators.

Staff in general: We do this for free with the good of the forum in mind so if we're occasionally dicks try to deal with it well, and respect the our duties and integrity. If there's a disagreement, communicate via private messaging. Remember that any decisions are final and we have scope to go beyond what is set out here. These rules are a general guideline and can change ad hoc. All rules as set out above apply to moderators and forum administrators as well as forum users.

Finally, if you register on this site you've accepted the rules and guidelines stated above in word and spirit.

Enjoy youself.

General rules for all members to follow.


Another thing to add in there, unless I'm blind and it was mentioned, is please make sure you include the source of any article you post.
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