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Warriors Orange Peeler
ahh my eyes! haha
That's some colour scheme they've got there!

Bit harsh on the eyes!


i played the two previous iterations of rugby league manager...its ok...nothing great. obviously nowhere near the beauty of the fm series, but a good quick playaround for rugby league fans.
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Only two? Amateur....

I've never built up the nerve to play a season without saving very regularly. Which makes it extra embarrassing when you replay that knockout round Champions League game against Barcelona at your home ground six times and lose every single time...:)

Times like that I consider using the Game Editor to give Messi a shooting rating of 1, fitness of 0....
Will do mate, there seems to be a bit of detail that goes into it. Have you ever played the football manager series? Its a similar concept and layout to that.

You have to sign highly rated coaches and assign assistants to your academy sides. Obviously the speciality of your coaches will factor how good your side is. Don't sign a defence coach for example and you won't be able to tackle your way out of a paper bag.
The only way I can manage any sort of success on RLM is by assigning three 5-star coaches for my academy, alliance and main squad.

The game's a bit daft in that sense. When I manage the main team I really struggle when I shouldn't, the results just don't come. I then look at what my assistant does to win every game, have a quick look at the 19 man squads he announces, and my robot coach is actually a champion bellend - he has no idea what he's doing. He plays awful players. He'll play 18 year old amateurs with horrible statistics. He keeps leaving out the Sims brothers and picking some semi-pro arse-bandit called "Bruce Hill" I think he gets the wins because it's a mix of experience and non-experience, maturity and youth. But it's still stupid, if you ask me. You pick your best players and stumble through the season, you field half a team of nobodies and you win the comp.

The assistant coaches are always playing blokes out of position, too. I've seen him put Michael Luck on the wing on more than one occasion. That despite the fact there's Vatuvei Hayne or The Fish who can play wing. Or Tomkins and Widdop who aren't wings but would surely be better options that Luck lol. I actually put Luck in the academy to spite the coach, because I was pissed off he kept playing him on the wing and ruining the realism of the game!

Whoever made the game is obviously a St George Illawara Dragons fan, that pisses me off. I can never beat the Dragons.
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