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Moreton Daily Stadium
30 Apr 2022 05:00PM

# Player Player #
1 R.Walsh J.Rapana 1
2 R.Berry N.Cotric 2
3 J.Arthars M.Timoko 3
4 A.Pompey S.Valemei 4
5 V.Vailea X.Savage 5
7 S.Johnson J.Wighton 6
8 A.Fonua-Blake B.Schneider 7
9 W.Egan J.Papalii 8
10 M.Lodge T.Starling 9
11 E.Aitken J.Tapine 10
12 B.Sironen H.Young 11
13 J.Tevaga R.Sutton 13
14 T.Otukolo C.Nicoll-Klokstad 14
15 B.Afoa C.Harawira-Naera 15
16 E.Katoa A.Elliott 16
17 J.Murchie C.Horsburgh 17
20 B.Murdoch-Masila H.Rushton 18
21 D.Asi M.Frawley 19

Well its baptism by fire for Asi, but if the kids good enough so be it, I still think side by side we should have them. No excuses. We need the 2pts and need to be more hungry for them, thats how to key up, each game you gotta be hungry for the 2 pts, thats the small goal, do it consistently enough and each year you make the 8 you gain more experience in finals footy and boom, premiership. Easy bahahaha. No seriously, gotta get these 2pts, got the players to do it.

For me my fav Raider is Rapana, he plays every game like its his last, love that commitment, he could be infectious if he had been in the Warriors. Maybe we should recruit on attitude and effort above hype.................
Just had a quick peek at our draw. Next 5 weeks:

100%, few tough games after then its a mix to the finals.

So could be 8/3 for the warriors by the time Tohu Harris returns, kick on for the minor prem with 21/3 ;-p. Why not.... aim high. This team has skills, it just needs commitment. If we end up 18/6 and in the top 4 from aiming high thats brilliant. For me top 8 is not quite par for the players in this team and next year with new recruits Im demanding a top 4 or something is majorly wrong with the coaching.

Lets go bros, into em, line speed = posession in opposition red zone and potential repeat sets, or simply scoring. best form of defense. But when on defense also need some real fibre and sting.
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Quotes from Cowboys forum on Asi

"Good for Asi he is never getting a look in behind Chad, Drinky and Dearden so right move for him. Never really kicked on, I think we did him dirty shuffling him around positionally so much."

"Shame about Asi though. Always thought he had potential but we never really put him in our plans. Lazy trainer apparently"
Thanks for posting I do enjoy local knowledge.

But just be careful, lazy trainer apparently comments are meaningless unless a poster is that incredibly rare thing, someone who actually has a contact on the inside.

Otherwise those comments are purely fictional. I Mean seriously what NRL club leaks the fact that someone is a lazy trainer? That only applies to fat bastards like Hurrell that don't make weight every off season and get called out publicly by the head coach to answer media hounding of why they weren't selected.

I Challenge anyone here to name five young lazy up and commers over the twenty plus years that only had 6 fg games.

No one can,because you and me never hear about it...unless it is a big fatso.

So that poster is not on the inside they are full of shit....just an interweb clown trying to sound in the know.
By all accounts that would have been a game where if you’re injured to just say “nah f*ck it, not worth me staying on the field for this” but he didn’t, kept turning up.
Pretty ballsy for sure.

He’s playing much better than he has in the past, bleeds Warriors and has a great attitude. Not sure what the hold up is with that contract..
Seems fairly obvious (except maybe to the S J haters) Chanel's improved form is down to not having the pressure of having to steer the team round. Last year the kid struggled having to think too many plays ahead and organising players where they needed to be.....this year he can just play whats in front of him and is back to showing some skills that we probably havent seen since his u/20 days......having S J back has been great for him.
Personally I think a win here would be epic.

A bunch of folks don't rate the Raiders, dunno why, maybe they aren't actually watching games?

I always watch our next opponent.

Last week Canberra looked a lot like us, clinging on bravely and staying alive for the first half.

A direct comparison is problematic, however having seen four of their games this year, I believe they have line speed issues, but are still quicker off the mark than us.

Tapine and Papalii are getting better penetration at the line than Lodge and Addin Fonua-Blake.

What I'm saying is, they look significantly better than us.

The good news is we have not fired all season so there is that....

But if we don't fire, and we play where we have been, that level will see us lose.

Big ask for Brown, to take a broken rejigged side and make them instantly better than they have been.
Canberra are second to last on the table, have injury concerns also. If we don’t beat them our season will be on life support as will Browns job, this and we are not even halfway thru the season again……..
Canberra are second to last on the table, have injury concerns also. If we don’t beat them our season will be on life support as will Browns job, this and we are not even halfway thru the season again……..
We would be on the bottom of the ladder had we played the Panthers Manly and Sharks plus Storm and Cowboys, even the Titans.
They have had a pretty tough draw.
We would be on the bottom of the ladder had we played the Panthers Manly and Sharks plus Storm and Cowboys, even the Titans.
They have had a pretty tough draw.
Don’t think we can read too much into team’s reputations so far. We have beaten a team in the top 5 in the cowboys. Titans didn’t go down by much to the panthers last night and the tigers have knocked over the eels and rabbits, no one looks unbeatable though we made the storm look it in the second half.
Cant wait to see Asi, would be nice if Metcalf was here already, but I know Asi is good at fitting into the line, I dont expect anything Shaun Johnson or Walsh like from him. I just hope the Spine have worked hard together this week to get him up to speed with the handful of offensive plays that have troubled all by the Storm in the 2nd half once they became too samey and not ad-lib (that takes time as a team to have that intimate knowledge as Im sure we have all experienced).

Its a must win for me, simply to get the ship back in the right direction, you fall 2 wins behind a 50/50 win/loss and it gets harder and harder.

I personally think if Asi fits into the spine well and gets the play and passes right, and holds his own on D, we should win this one by 13+. BUT we are imissing players, Asi is brand new, they are a quality team and as desperate as us, so lets hope all holds true. I think Chanel Harris-Tavita's game management, kicks and defense might be missed though.

Get to see Rapana play us, Ive always wished he had made a play for him, by far one of my Fav players in the comp, easily in the top 10 work ethic wise, something to be fair the NZ players are not usually conditioned too (when we get a coach who can have us keyed up intensity to the "Rapana" scale, that is when we shall be singing a premiership song ;-p)
will be on life support as will Browns job, this and we are not even halfway thru the season again……..
I said we should beat the Roosters even though it was 5:1 odds against as they were also completely out of sorts, struggling to beat the Broncos who we spanked. This for me is another one of those, we must beat sides like this, regardless of how good they "can" be, they are not and we have them on paper.

This will test how Brown gets a teams intensity up for a must win and a correction of a season after an embarrassing belting where nearly all dropped the game 2nd half. I want to see every player playing like they are on life support, if I dont see that in defensive line speed and with offensive effort, it pretty much answers for me prematch prep from Brown and his effectiveness in this critical area (Warriors have never been an intense club, but that needs to change). We have to play like we own the game and do whatever it takes, get down to the grubbyness/desperation of Munster like possessiveness of owning the ball, the posession and the score.
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The chat about Sironen made me go have a look at his highlights at the Rabbitohs. Both his Try Assists there (which are his only 2 to date) were when playing left edge. He also bagged 1 Try on the left & 1 in the middle. I don't think he's spent much time on the left as a Warrior. Right side appears to be where Brown favours him. There was mention of his ball playing when he join the club but I think the closest we've seen to that hype was his cut out ball on Monday that was ruled a forward pass.
This podcast dropped today if anyone wants to hear from him:

I think Browny likes his clean up work and off the ball anticipation on D, the kind of awareness Mannering used to provide for us. Doesn't get any credit for it because you don't see it unless you're at the game. Flanno was going on about this in one game too so I dunno, maybe we're under-valuing him.